Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Mickey Mouse Through the yEars

We were in Mid Valley last Saturday and we were at the right time to catch the Mickey Mouse Through the yEars event. The event takes place at Centre Court, ground floor. This is a very fun school holiday event.

Can you spot the gigantic Mickey Mouse.

I purchased clothes at MNG and spent more than RM100 so we entitled to redeem one Mickey's passport.
The Mickey's passport.

We get a free set of Mickey's stationary ( with pencils but not shown in the pic above) . Free gift only apply to shoppers who pay with HSBC credit card.

Follow the route in this map to complete the tasks in the passport. My kids have love joining all the activities.

1. First we headed to South Island for the two activities there.

Two activities in South Island

Complete the maze in the passport to get a temporary airbrush tattoo.

Mission complete and he got a Mickey's head tattoo.

The Mickey's maze, just a simple task :)

Another activity in South Island is all the wonder of paper.

You are a star origami

The kids complete the task and have the passport stamped.
2. We proceed to East Atrium.

Three activities to be done in East Atrium.

See the happy fella can't wait for her turn to make sandwich.

The little chefs

Heng Heng is happy that he can make his own sandwich.
Mission complete and the reward is snack on your own sandwich creation.
By complete this mix and match game you can get a free refreshment from Juice Works.

Complete number game to get free stickers.

Coloring available sponsored by Faber Castell. There is a Faber Castell both promoting their grip color pencils and pencils. There is 25% discount so we can not resist and bought something back.

3. The third stop is indicate the correct year for each of the below different Mickey Mouse version. You can get the answer from Center Court.

Mission complete and get a face painting as reward.
4. Last Stop is located at North Island.

We get face painting and snap a picture here.

Received a RM20 cash voucher from Shu Uemura apart from the free panting. Opps, the kids didn't want to do it on the face and choose hands instead.

Snap pic time ( First round)

This is the second round. We hit the mall again last night to have another round of fun. Sil did some shopping and redeem new passports for the kids.
Thank you for the participating sponsors.

Besides fun games, there is so many, many Mickey's figures with creative expressions and unique designs at the exhibition area. 

 Here are some of the designs that I like : 

You can join the fun by purchase your set of Mickey Mouse figure and be an artist of your own.

Monday, May 28, 2012

Chocolate-Dipped Frozen Banana Bites

We had a potluck party at my grandmother house to celebrate mother's day early May.
As usual all the aunties would contribute their delicious and also signature dishes. For me, I just made this little snack, something as dessert for everyone. I get the recipe from here . I also search online to find out tips and tricks on how to melt the chocolate chips since I don't have microwave at home.

My first time making this chocolate-dipped frozen banana bites.  Kids love it. It is easy to make but I had a hard time melting the chocolate chips.

 I melted the  chocolate chips in a double broiler and my first few attempts were failure. They just went too thick, chunky and dry though I did add in some vegetable oil to thin it at the first place. There is a fine line between melted chocolate and overheated chocolate so I need to be very careful. Anywhere mission completed and I get to bring the dessert over to my grandmother house for the party.

The final outcome ( pictures taken before frozen) :

Chocolate-Dipped Frozen Banana Bites topping with peanuts and sprinkles.

Kids love it and lucky to have them to 'sapu' everything.

A closer shot. For me the presentation is failed. Some even out of shape, haha.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Kleenex : Share the Softness

It is now in the month of May and the first term of schooling is about to finish. I could not believe that the little 'stubborn one' is doing so well in the school though this is his first schooling year. One good thing I like at him now is that he is not only growing physically but also building up a good character from school. What I can observe now is the value of sharing has unconsciously shown on him at times go. I hope to see and feel the softness part of him as he grows.

Here are some of the photos taken from our everyday lives that I would like to post it here, to seize the opportunity to remind and encourage a 4-year-old,  how people and things around us care for each others.

The sun is always there to care for the world. Early to bed, early to rise will start your day right and catch the softness sunlight in the morning.

There is always soft and fluffy caring love around you. They can be your teachers, family and friends. Do remember sharing as it is one of the way showing others that you think of them..

You can also care and share your softness heart with a little creature like a crab on the beach.

Share your happiness always.

A Fathers Love can be as simple as a Kiss on the Cheek! Care your father by showering lots of kisses to him.

You can even share your love with a cartoon character like Pluto.
Not forgetting to share the softness : by sending a free pack of Kleenex tissue to people you care through the Kleenex® Malaysia Facebook fan page
An innovative, new campaign from Kleenex®, Share the Softness, advocates the importance of softness in our everyday lives, and encourages sharing as a way of showing others that we care. “The Share the Softness campaign is one good way way of encouraging Malaysians to show that they care, and we hope that it doesn’t end with family and friends but also with neighbours, teachers and others in our community who make a difference in our lives.”

You can make some one happy with this World's NO 1facial  tissue from Kleenex. 

Kleenex® Facial Tissues is developed from top quality 100% pure virgin fiber using a novel technology to deliver the best in tissue softness and strength. To celebrate this innovation, Kleenex® now invites all Malaysians to share this unique softness with family and friends.  

Perhaps share a candy with people you care about!