Saturday, February 25, 2012

Learning Mandarin

Ving Yan is going to primary one next year. We have registered her in a Chinese medium school. I think it is time to brush up on her Mandarin.  As a tuition teacher for Chinese primary school, I don't know if I can become my daughter's tuition teacher just like how I teach other children. There is always people telling me that it is very hard to teach own kids and most parents rather pay to hire a tutor though the parents themselves have the qualification to teach their own children.

Somehow I get a chance to become Ving Yan's Mandarin teacher since February. Two parents from her previous kindy contacted me and they are actually looking for  an enrichment class for their kids to learn Mandarin. Both the kids are from English speaking family and the parents know nothing about Mandarin. Since the two kids are Ving Yan's ex-classmates so I suggested to let Ving Yan and Ving Heng join the class and we have the class to be held at my place.

Everyone is fine and there we get the class fix on every Saturday and started our first lesson on 4th Feb. It went smooth and within 1.5 hours time we  have covered rules for the class, story telling session, learning new words, singing Mandarin songs and do some writing. We even have a break for snack time. I get feedback from one parent after the first lesson. She told me her son enjoyed the class and he is able to speak some simple Mandarin after the first lesson like 我要上厕所 (I want to go toilet ), 我要喝水 ( I want to drink water).

 We have done for 3 classes so far  I am so impress with their progress. 4 of them are doing so well in reading the flash cards I prepared and up to date they have learn about 40 words. Ving Heng being the youngest in the class also able to read the words. Good thing is Ving Yan and Ving Heng like to read the cards everyday. This show how much they love to learn from 'teacher mummy'

When they were still small I actually conducted tuition class at home but ended up I have to change the class to one of my student's house because they disturbed mummy and I could not focus to teach and the other children also get distracted easily. So now I am very glad that my children are so well behaved and I think they are probably happy to get to learn together with peers.

These are the words we learned so far.

I also get them to do writing except Ving Heng
That is all about the learning Mandarin class. We do more update next time.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

A Relaxing Sunday Morning

Our Sunday morning was a relaxing one. We went to the park at Bukit Jalil. We brought some of our favorite food and had a quick breakfast in the park. The weather was nice and we stayed there for like 2 hours.

Ving Yan enjoying her 'dim sum'
After eating, we rest a while and later the kids started to pluck some leaves from the tree.

Asked them don't  pluck the leaves, but no one listen.

Next running on the green ground.

Yan Yan and Heng Heng.

Heng Heng resting on jie jie's lap.

Father and son 

They played 'fighting'

We had a great time cycling in the park too ( no pictures taken).

What a relaxing morning spent with my man and kids and even the little creatures in the park :)

It is Monday tomorrow. It is time to get back to the busy routine. Have a great week everyone!

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Heng Heng's 4th Birthday Celebration

Heng Heng turned four on 21st January. It was so near to CNY but glad that we were able to have fabulous celebration for him.

We have the first round of celebration a day before his birthday. It was held at MIL place. He was happy though it was just a simple one. He get his presents and ang pao from everyone in the family includes the grandparents and two 'Gu Gu'.

On the actual day, we have another round of celebration with my family members. We decided to have dinner at TGIF in The Garden.

Here are some of the pictures to share :

Angry bird birthday cake.  
On the actual day morning, he has got a surprise from mummy, this is the third present from me.

It is Jumbo Forest Animal set. This  present was bought by myself without bringing him to choose, just a little surprise for him.

This is another two animals toy that we bought from Isetan earlier and Ving Heng choose this two. This animal toy is so real until I scared the cashier when I brought to the cashier counter. The lady get frighten by the crocodile because the toy comes with no packing. It is very expensive for just a small toy @ RM29.90 each

Ultraman toy, also bought by mummy. Yan Yan feels that I gave too many presents for the birthday boy :)

His Ultraman collection. One or two is missing...

Cake cutting ceremony @ TGIF. The candle is very nice right??

Teh little candles popped out once the fireworks finished burning

Close up look
Another round of singing birthday song by TGIF staff. He acted so shy and turned his head.
Free dessert for the birthday boy.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Our Chinese New Year - Part 2

We were in Genting Highlands on CNY day 4 and day 5. Second Sil has got us some Doraemon World complimentary tickets and booked First World Hotel room stay for 2 nights. We were supposed to stay for 2 nights but we changed mind to stay for only one night because we have to bring Heng Heng for eye check up on the next day.

Back to the Genting trip. It was very jam all the way up the hill. Good thing is Heng Heng get to take a short nap in the car and we arrived safely.

DOraemon World entry ticket

Ving Yan was pretty excited to meet Doraemon and friends at Outdoor Splash Pool in Genting
The weather is cooling when we were in the outdoor carnival. We also tried different food from the food stalls.

Next we proceed to Arena of Stars where the place is transformed into a truly Doraemon World. There is tour guide who lead you to visit the Doraemon World.

The magic door

Nobita's dining room

Nobita and Shizuka

Time Machine

My kids are so 'pandai' posing :)

Another cute one :)

Sil's baby, Matthew is frightened by the mascots and all he wanted is just Yan Yan, lol.
The next day morning we have to pack and back to KL. We need to visit the eye doctor by 12 noon.

My kids and 'Da Gu Gu'
Ving Yan was sad and wanted to stay for one more day. She actually made up a drama and dare to challenge my bottom line asking for herself to stay one more night with my MIL and SIL. She had made me so sad and angry :(  How she can be so not understanding and tolerate that the brother still in discomfort. Taking care a sick kid already made me uneasy and it would make me even more worry if I put Yan Yan to stay one more day in Genting without me by her side.

The doctor actually not advise us to go for this trip and he warned us not to go  the crowd or public and asked us to only let Heng Heng stay in the room to rest. It was my bottom line to go Genting to stay one night and let them go for the Doraemon event all because I didn;t want to disappointed everyone.

Anywhere glad that she was OK after I have talked to her and I promised we will come back again. We were so relax when hubby drove the car down hill. We wind down the window and enjoyed the cool wind.

We stopped by half way when hubby saw a spectacular view. Flash one more picture before we left Genting!

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Our Chinese New Year ( Part 1 )

Chinese New Year for this year is merrier as usual. In fact we have a very different celebration this year.We went to the hospital on CNY for the first time but  we also went up to Genting to celebrate CNY for the first time.

CNY Day1 :  VY and VH in their traditional clothing.

CNY Day 2 : Visit the Temple of Kwan Tai. We thought we could watch lion dance performance here but no luck. BIL who is helping in the temple told us the lion dance crew only arrived 1 hour after we left. The kids played around here met another "Yan Yan".

The kids played around here met another "Yan Yan".

We also walked around at Petaling Street which is just near by the temple.

It was quite crowded.
CNY day 3 was an unforgettable day for us. All happen during the mid night. That night was not a comfy night for VH also as I saw him scratched his body here and there every time I checked on him. I stopped  him and he slept back. Then around 6am both the kids were kicking each other and VH told me that VY kicked his eye. It cause irritation for his eye and made him rubbed his eye. I stopped him and seems like nothing happen to the eye so we slept again.

Early morning he could not open the eye. We tried to help him. The white part of the eye swollen and the eye also cover with very thick stringy mucus. It was very scary. Hub and I could not wait longer we quickly change ourselves. This is how we ended up visit the hospital on CNY Day 3. We were at the A & E at Sunway Hospital. The doctor on duty suggested to bring VH for eye specialist. Lucky the eye doctor in the hospital was on duty. He checked VH's eye. His eye is hurt and causing an abrasion to the cornea. Doctor clean his eye and put medicine for him. Then the eye is covered by eye patch.

VH on eye patch
We went to see the eye doctor everyday for check up and the eye is covered with eye patch until yesterday .

The eye  picture printed on the respective days.

His eye is recovering so no need to cover with eye patch anymore. He is still on medication and will need to go for one more round of check up this Saturday.