Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Our Chinese New Year ( Part 1 )

Chinese New Year for this year is merrier as usual. In fact we have a very different celebration this year.We went to the hospital on CNY for the first time but  we also went up to Genting to celebrate CNY for the first time.

CNY Day1 :  VY and VH in their traditional clothing.

CNY Day 2 : Visit the Temple of Kwan Tai. We thought we could watch lion dance performance here but no luck. BIL who is helping in the temple told us the lion dance crew only arrived 1 hour after we left. The kids played around here met another "Yan Yan".

The kids played around here met another "Yan Yan".

We also walked around at Petaling Street which is just near by the temple.

It was quite crowded.
CNY day 3 was an unforgettable day for us. All happen during the mid night. That night was not a comfy night for VH also as I saw him scratched his body here and there every time I checked on him. I stopped  him and he slept back. Then around 6am both the kids were kicking each other and VH told me that VY kicked his eye. It cause irritation for his eye and made him rubbed his eye. I stopped him and seems like nothing happen to the eye so we slept again.

Early morning he could not open the eye. We tried to help him. The white part of the eye swollen and the eye also cover with very thick stringy mucus. It was very scary. Hub and I could not wait longer we quickly change ourselves. This is how we ended up visit the hospital on CNY Day 3. We were at the A & E at Sunway Hospital. The doctor on duty suggested to bring VH for eye specialist. Lucky the eye doctor in the hospital was on duty. He checked VH's eye. His eye is hurt and causing an abrasion to the cornea. Doctor clean his eye and put medicine for him. Then the eye is covered by eye patch.

VH on eye patch
We went to see the eye doctor everyday for check up and the eye is covered with eye patch until yesterday .

The eye  picture printed on the respective days.

His eye is recovering so no need to cover with eye patch anymore. He is still on medication and will need to go for one more round of check up this Saturday.


Small Kucing said...

Oh no...sorry to hear about VH's eye. Hope it's going to be better soon. Love his CNY outfit. SO colourful!

アンゼエリン said...

Oh dear, VH eye must be very hurt. So how is his eye now, hope is better now. Kids eye easily swollen and become red.

wenn said...

speedy recovery..

Sheoh Yan said...

Oh my! Did it really cause by VY kicking his eye mid of the night? It must be really painful for him. Pity VH.

Cynthia said...

glad to hear VH eye is getting better.. I like VY cheongsam colour.. very bright!!

yvonne said...

Glad that VH's recovering. I wonder how he feel to be a lil 'pirate' for so many days :p

Mummy Gwen said...

Oh could this happen. I'm glad he is on the road to recovery.

BTW, Happy Chinese New Year to you and your family!

prince n princess mum said...

Ouch!~ Hope VH's eye = speedy recovery!~

MeRy said...

Poor boy...lucky he is recovering now.

anney said...

Hope your son feels better now. I love the cute traditional clothing! Happy CNY!