Monday, January 2, 2012

Bye Bye 2011 and Welcome 2012

Bye bye 2011 and welcome 2012. I have to admit how time flies and today is the second day of 2012. We didn't have any special celebration to welcome the new year. We just have a simple dine out among 4 of us. Then fireworks near my house started to explode when the clock strike at 12am. This was how we welcome the new year.

Back to this post. This is going to be a long one, to jot down stories that happened in December and months back which I don't have time to blog about it. I have gathered all the stories I left behind and all is wrap up here. Time is catching up. I am getting older I hope this blog is something for me to keep my memory alive.

Gifts and presents :

Ving Heng received this jacket from SIL. It is Trudy and Teddy .
Chloe's mummy gave this Pyssla beads set to Ving Yan long ago. We only started to play with it during this school holiday. 

A big loot of snacks and Jap food from my sister.

She also got some gifts for the kids.

Sister bought this for me.

Sil bought new clothes for the kids from her Europe trip.

This is my new hair accessories from Juicy Couture.

Heng Heng Christmas presents from my sister.

Yan Yan's Christmas presents from my sister. She also has a doctor's toy set from SIL.

Christmas event :

On Christmas day, the kids joined a scrap book making activity in Mid Valley.

Ving Yan enjoyed this session very much.

This one done by Heng Heng

and this one belongs to Yan Yan.
Malacca trip :

We visit some tourist attractions and took a lot of pictures as usual. So just let;s the picture do the talking.
We visited Muzium Samudera.

Trishaw rides.

Malacca landmark..

We also went to Zoo Melaka 

About Heng Heng:
His latest craze, Animal Kaiser cards. He likes to go to ( Tesco )  Scott Garden and Mid Valley to play with this machine. I don't know why he is so addicted to it. Maybe it is something about animals. But I am very amazed about the way he plays his own version of Animal Kaiser game. He doesn't play with the cards he has but he likes to use his animal toys to fight ( just like what is shown at the machine )
He still loves his Ultraman. I have bought him two sets of Ultraman puzzles. He likes it. He manage to solve both the puzzles himself. There is once he plays until fallen asleep.


My sister in law wedding day on 5th Nov
Yan Yan is the flower girl.

Yan Yan took part in a coloring contest and won some vouchers from Nandos.
Ving Yan 5th birthday celebrated at Ah Ma house.
Ving Yan with her brother and cousin brother.

Birthday celebration in the school.

Bangkok Trip July 2011 :

No time to sort of this Bangkok trip post so just the pictures do the talking. Overall it was a very enjoyable shopping and makan-makan trip.

I miss the food we have in Bangkok .........

We went to Critterland ( Jan 2011) for the first time and the kids like the place. It was part of Heng Heng birthday celebration.

The kids have fun in Critterland.

Yan Yan school concert ( Dec 2010 )
That is all about all the pending stories. At last I have done all the back dated posts in one go be it just a summary. Year 2012 is a new chapter for all of us.

Here’s wishing all my friends  a very happy new year. May your new year filled with happiness, health and prosperity!


アンゼエリン said...

Happy New Year!

Em's Family said...

Wishing you a happy new year.. Anyway, i never heard about Critterland, is it in Malaysia?

Mommy to Chumsy said...

wow, so many pressies and trips. must be loads of fun for the kids and for you too. May 2012 brings you and your family many happiness, good health and success :)

slavemom said...

Happy New Year to u and ur family, Moon! Oh, u went to Bkk with Judy?

Mummy Moon said...

Angeline, Happy News Year to you!

Em's Family, Critterland is located near The Mines.

Barb, Thanks :)

Slavemom, Yes, we went to Bkk together in JUly 2011..

Merryn said...

Happy New Year Mommy Moon!

Mummy to QiQi said... many christmas presents for everyone and so many trips for the kids. Saw you enjoyed your school holiday to the max!!!

anney said...

Wow! Lots of presents! Your kids are truly blessed to have very loving people around! By the way, the non alcoholic sangria calls for a club soda or 7-up/sprite then add your favorite fruit juice and chunks of fruits. I didn't add any fruit juice as I only want a clear drink with chunks of fruits. So mine was basically 7-up with chunks of fruits. lol! It tasted nice and fruity! Happy New year!

Adrine said...

Happy 2012 !

Nice photo of the 3 of you at the wedding dinner :)

Sheoh Yan said...

I enjoy looking at the pictures and your update in summary. Wish you have wonderful year ahead.

Vickylow said...

Wah the school holiday look very eventful for both of them. Yan Yan look so sweet and pretty on the wedding dinner, where else Heng Heng look very smart. Happy New Year to you and your family. Wish you have a merry and fruitful 2012.

ChloeRuoyi said...

So many, many, many gifts! It's so fun to be your kids :)

Yee Ling said...

Happy New Year,Mommy Moon! A well wrapped up post.