Sunday, August 28, 2011

The Night before Her Birthday

The night before Yan Yan turned into a 5 year-old girl, daddy decided to bring us to a so call 'romantic' place to have a birthday dinner for Yan Yan. It was actually a place where we can view the Kuala Lumpur night view. It is the Ampang Look Out Point. After 40 minutes drive, daddy told us we were almost reaching there. We passed by a dark and winding road before we could reach the ground level of Look Out Point. Being the kids, they felt scared for the 10 minutes dark uphill  drive journey especially Yan Yan.

Daddy wanted to park the car at the ground level of Look Out Point and walk all the way up to the restaurant areas. I requested to pay extra RM3 to drive the car up the road to the valet parking area as I know I can not walk!

Next was to choose which restaurant to go for. Daddy leaded us to the Look Out Point Restaurant. It is a restaurant with nice ambience. Too bad all the window seats were occupied. The window seats are the place where you can have the best night view. More ever there was a smoker there so I decided to go for the restaurant next to it. We settled ourselves at Heaven Restaurant.

We have the open air seating  to enjoy the breathtaking view of Kuala Lumpur. For the kids, they didn't really appreciate the night view, perhaps a restaurant with theme park view would be more 'shiok' for them,lol. Yan Yan also not so used to the nature environment with the buzzing insects sounds. She even screamed out loud when there is a moth flied near our table and landed on daddy's shirt. But overall we had a special night out.

Here are some of the pictures taken in the restaurant.
The birthday girl

The magnificent view of the Kuala Lumpur
Another night view
They are forever that cheeky whenever I ask them to post for me :)

Me and my kids and pardon me for the messy table.

Me and Yan Yan, we were wearing the matching tees :)

Hazelnut sesame cake.

I ordered grilled herb lamb chop.

Bolognese spaghetti for the kids.

Daddy's Nasi Lemak Rendang.

The food was good and price wise it is reasonable. The bill was about RM60.00++. 

We went up to the Look Out Point Tower after the dinner. I bet this is the point where you could have the best panoramic view of Kuala Lumpur. Too bad my camera battery died on me and hence no pictures were taken on what we did or see at the tower.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Telaga Tujuh Waterfall @ Langkawi

We went to Telaga Tujuh Waterfall near Pantai Kok during our recent trip to Langkawi.

It said by many that Telaga Tujuh Waterfall is the most beautiful waterfall on Langkawi and it is closely associated with one of the legends of Langkawi. It is said that the fairies were captivated by the beauty of the waterfall made it their bathing place here .

We came here early in the weekday morning and thus we could not see much visitors.

Initially Yan Yan looked happy, but she was phobia when we were approaching the waterfall.When we were walking on the path leading to the way to the waterfall, we met a couple of Iranian with their kid. They were just too kind to tell us need to be careful especially with children and it was slippery. Yan Yan heard everything.

A bit off side here just to jot down what I discovered after we back to KL. I didn't realize she actually get frightened by the kind advise from the Iranians we met. She didn't dare to go into the water no matter how we bribe her. She just said SCARED and didn't mention what she scared about. Until one day ( few weeks later ) while we were looking back at the pictures we took in Langkawi. Yan Yan suddenly exposed to me the reason why she didn't want to play in the waterfall. She said some one told us need to be careful and she is scared by their words and she took the precaution not to touch the water. I have to admit she has phobia fear.

Our first time to this waterfall was in year 2008. Yan Yan and daddy.

For Heng Heng he enjoyed the waterfall play to the max. This boy is totally different from Yan Yan. He is a very BRAVE boy.

Yan Yan tag along with my sister and sat on the rock most of the time. She helped us to take pictures.

The beauty of the waterfall.

My nieces and nephew and my brother.

I brought Heng Heng walked in the water and he likes it. The water is so cooling and I feel like wanted to have a dip in the water. Too bad I didn't bring extra clothes. I collected some rocks for Heng Heng to play some splashing game.

He threw the rocks into the water.

He just like it when the rocks created the splashing effect on the water.

In another side, daddy is trying to force Yan Yan ( when bribe was not work on her ) just to dip her legs in the water.

Yan Yan not so willing to touch the water but daddy is there with you, don't you feel the daddy can protect you.

Ahhhh, finally ....

And daddy went on for more action with Yan Yan.

After spending a good 1 hour playing in the water, we took a break and get a rest and had some refreshing coconut drink. Heng Heng scoop the coconut flesh for me :)

Later he also tried on this...

On our way back to the hotel, we were greeted by some monkeys. We threw a lot of junk for the monkeys from the car.

They were busy grabbing the food.

The monkey is eating 'kacang'.

Because of this feeding activity, Heng Heng now always tells me he wanna feed the monkeys again :)

Saturday, August 20, 2011

The Big Eyes

Heng Heng has a pair of beautiful eyes with long eyelashes. I get so thrill to have a son with such beautiful eyes. Yan Yan's eyes are big too but they are not as beautiful as his.

However, the boy's eyes are just too good in crying. He is now going trough a 'ham pao' phase. He cries his eyes out every time he gets angry with us. He cries his eyes out whenever we scold him. He cries his eyes out if his need is not full filled. The list goes on....

After a long crying session it's common for him to end up with red and puffy eyes.

Lately his hands are itchy and he likes to rub his eyes. We would stop him immediately when we see his hands lay on the eyes. I hate it when he suddenly comes to me and says : Mummy, you see!! He points at his eyes and show me his red eyes when he rubs his eyes behind me. And this make his eyes go more puffy and develop
thick layer of gelatinous mucus in his eyes.

On top of that, he goes craze rubbing his eyes during washing hair. He used to be very obedient when I wash his hair and he has no problem letting me rinsing his hair before this.

His big and round eyes.

Finally his eyes could not take it anymore.

On 10/8/2011, he rubbed his eyes again till sore and red. That was in the afternoon. He did not want to open his eyes after the incident. I forced him to let me check his eyes and he shut his eyes more tightly until his eyelashes folded in the eyes. I made him opened his eyes and clean them with a wet towel and help him shut his eyes properly and he fall asleep. I left him with my mom and nothing I could do and off I went out for my tuition class. I text hubby to remind him to check on Heng Heng eyes when he got back home. In the evening I was told that Heng Heng woke up and didnt want to open one eye ( that could be the sore eye ) for more than 2 hours. Without any delay I text hubby to bring Heng Heng to see doctor.

My mom gave him a wet handkerchief and he used that to cover his one eye and watched his cartoon with another one eye ( this was what my mom told me when I came back from work) . This could be the culprit making the sore eye get more puffy and get infected, I guess...

They came back with all these medication, there is an eye cream, eye drops, antibiotic and oral med for itchy.

When I first saw my son the sore eye was puffy and red. He still cover his one eye with tissue ( that is what the doc allow him to do, can only cover with tissue and not towel or handkerchief) Hubby was so worried as doctor told him Heng Heng might need to be admitted if the medication didn't work . I tried my best to encourage him to open his eye. I did not allow him to cover the eye anymore. I promise to get him some animal kaiser cards from his cousin if he open his eye. He did listen to me and I keep my promise too.

I am glad that he has not much issue applying the eye drop and eye cream. He would fuss a little and shut his eyes for a while after apply them. Within few days time the eye get recovered very fast and the gelatinous mucus is getting lesser. He could have learn his lesson now. He hardly rub his eyes anymore. I hope he keeps his hands away from his eyes and no more rubbing his eyes.

I need to put him back to this special hat to wash his hair. This hat was put aside very long time ago and lucky I didn't throw it away.

Heng Heng is back to his own self. I am glad to see his beautiful eyes again and please no more puffy and red eyes for him.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Not a Good Week

Last week was not a good week for us. Two kids were not well. On 8/8/2011 Yan Yan and I sleep in the guest room as the master room's air cond was die on us. Heng Heng slept with the daddy. On 2am mid night, Yan Yan cough out of a sudden. This is normally follow by vomit. I quickly grabbed a container to stand by. True enough she was in the verge of vomiting. She vomit a few times and could not sleep. She complaint the tummy was pain.
I attended her for about 3 hours and we both didn't really sleep.She was vomiting quite frequent and I know it was something not right. She didn't have fever either. Around 5am I woke up hubby and he took over the job to take care Yan Yan. I needed some rest badly. I slept next door and due to I am a light sleeper I could actually hear Yan Yan went vomit on and off. She vomit till we were lost count.

Without anymore delay, early in the morning, I brought her to see doctor.

Doctor checked on her. She might came down with rotavirus. Doctor gave her a suppository to stop the vomit since she could not take in the oral medicine. She cried and begged us not to do it to her. She is very afraid of inserting suppository actually. No choice but we have to do it. Doctor carefully taught me how to feed her fluids. If is very important to make sure she get enough fluids than what was being vomit out. If she could not take in anything, she might need to be admitted.

Thank goodness that the suppository worked on her. Vomit spell was controlled. But she came with a few times of diarrhea after came back from the clinic. She got low grade fever too. At the second night, she accident poop on her pant while sleeping. It was really messed up. We got to change the bedsheet, mattress cover and quilt cover. We put her on diaper for 1 night though she had ditched the diapers long ago.

The virus could be easily transmitted and doctor reminded us to wash hands frequently. We tried our best to separate the two kids as well. I am glad that no one else from house get the virus from Yan Yan.

She skipped school and rested at home for 3 days. She was weak on the first 2 days. On day 3 only I could see she gets better and better and get back to her own self.

Medicine for Yan Yan. She didn;t really want the probiotics and the oral rehydration salt water.

I got this from the clinic. Can you see the statement ' almost every child will get infected with rotavirus at the age 5'!! Have you get your kids protected with rotavirus vaccine??

And this was for Heng Heng. From the medication in the picture above, can you guess what was wrong to him?? I will blog about it in my next post.

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Laman Padi Langkawi

After the island hopping, we went straight to Laman Padi, the rice museum located at Pantai Cenang Beach which is right in front of Casa Del Mar Hotel.

It was a great experience for my kids, nephew and nieces to take a closer look at the paddy field. They are all city kiddos and I bet they don't know how an actual paddy field look like. We also visit the gallery where they showcase and display artifacts, charts and photographs showing the significance of paddy cultivation to the country. But too bad we went in the wrong timing. The gallery was under renovation and we only get to visit the front part of the gallery.

Yan Yan was still full of energy after the island hopping trip.

Heng Heng was tired and wanted mummy to carry.

Just a few steps from the entrance and our eyes laid on the huge paddy field. Can you see the scarecrows :)

Some of the pictures we took when we were hanging around outside the gallery in the Laman Padi.

Heng Heng memang ' bergaya'!

The two kids were trying out the antiques. I think they are used to process rice from paddy grains.

Mural paint on the wall.

Another mural paint.

Yan Yan with a flower tucked behind her ear :)

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

The Langkawi Island Hopping

We joined an island hopping tour during our most recent Langkawi trip in June. We purchased the package at the airport. The cost is RM300 for one whole boat. I always wanted all of us to try going out the sea but the plan never come true. Finally this round we get to go out to the sea with adults, kids and old folks. Nothing to shout about island hopping but just want all of them to experience it. Me myself went for the island hopping on my very first trip to Langkawi with my classmates which was about 10 years ago.

My anak :)

This was the kind of boats taking the visitors out for island hopping :)

So was the boat ride shiok?? Haha, Kids love it I would say, especially Heng Heng :)

My mom claimed the boat was speeding and she said no NEXT TIME!! Too dangerous wor.. Actually we all wore life jackets and nothing to be worried.

Yan Yan need to wear my shade as the wind was blowing very strong.

Look at Heng Heng's hair, natural way to set the hair by the wind.

The first stop was Tasik Dayang Bunting.

A lot of monkeys here..

From 'you are here' point trekking up to the lake took us about 20-30 minutes. Walking up the steep and narrow path with two kids tagging along was not easy. I was sweating like crazy but good thing was the kiddos never ask me to carry them. Maybe they have got the monkeys to entertain them all along the way to the lake.

Finally we reached this fresh water lake in the middle of the sea, Lake of the Pregnant Maiden .

Nothing we can do here. For those who are interested in water activity they can paddle the boat or swim in the deep lake. The sun was scorching hot so we left the place and walked back to the jetty.

Lake of the Pregnant Maiden and the paddy boats.

We went on for next stop.

We saw this 'pirate ship'.

Next stop was eagle feeding session or better to be call I as eagle watching.

The boat man threw some fresh meats on the water and there the swarm of eagles would flew near to the water to catch the food.

Another eagle shot.

There is more eagles on the trees.

The sky with eagles.

Heng Heng and daddy. The little one likes to watch the eagles.

The last stop of the trip was Beras Basah Beach. This is another clean and beautiful beach.

Heng Heng fed the fish.

The water is clear and my niece and nephews trying their luck catching small little fish. No fish were caught but they have got some crabs :)

Melissa was trying to catch the fish.

This was all about the half day island hopping trip we had in Langkawi.