Thursday, June 30, 2011

Langkawi Again

So fast we went and now we are back from Langkawi Island. I really hope we can make this place an annual retreat, going there with not only four of us but together with the whole family. Hubby suggests to go with his family members one day, that would be great!

Our group, the 15 of us ( my sister's maid was holding the camera )

Okay, back to our trip. We took morning flight at 10.20am to Langkawi. I am glad that I able to book the flight tickets via Airasia for the total of 15 of us at less than RM50 per person. What a steal if only you willing to plan your holiday months ahead, hehe. I merely forgot when I booked the tickets but I know it was during one of the AA promo last year.

My two kids, they were well behave in the plane.

We arrived safely at Langkawi airport. For years this aquarium has been placed here but no doubt it has attracted many people to take pictures with it. My son likes the fish in this aquarium very much. We shall wait for him to grow older so we can bring him to the Langkawi Marine park.

Because of the big group ( 15 of us ) we actually had a tough time to decide what cars to rent. At the end we decided to split into two cars. We get one Toyota Avanza and one Nissan Serena for our 4 days 3 nights trip. We paid the car rental for RM630 . We also signed up for an island hopping tour at the airport.

We stayed at Langkawi Resort as usual. As a BVC member, it is a waste if we don't use up the entitlement nights we have.

The Malay architecture chalet.

The room.

This is cute , the welcome swans..

The balcony view, beautiful view of the sea.

After our lunch, we did some grocery shopping and back hotel for check in. We took a short rest in the chalet before proceed to Pantai Cenang. Heng Heng already dozed off at this point of time. He woke up after we touched down at the chalet. But he dozed off again on the way to Pantai Cenang. I guess he is very tired traveling the whole day.

Yan Yan was reluctant to step on the sand..

It is okay, she just need some time to warm up :)

She is getting better and there she went to play with water and sand.

No more fear!!

Heng Heng was sleeping soundly when we reached Pantai Cenang..

For Heng Heng, he woke up from daddy's arm by the beachside and there he went straight to the beach to look for me and Yan Yan. Look at my brave boy, nothing to be fear about the sand, hehe.

He enjoyed filling the bottle with water.

They played with the water and sand happily. Their long awaited beach holiday finally is here....

Kids just like to play with water...

and sand...

The sandcastle toys comes in handy , hehe...

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Fish Porridge

Heng Heng loves to eat porridge since he was a baby. As he grows he still loves it. I still remember I cook fish porridge pretty often for him when he was younger.

Adding some veges to the porridge would be more nutritious. But Heng Heng also likes this simple porridge, just fish and porridge.

The 'Ma Yao' fish flesh after the debone. Sometimes he asks for the spoonful of fish, just the flesh to be feed into his mouth.

It is a very plain porridge but he likes it!

Fried Soy Sauce Pork Belly

I love this fried pork belly and get to eat this quite often from my sister's place. I don't really know what is the actual name of this dish. I learned the recipe from my sister's maid long ago. But I am lazy and keep dragging to try cooking this. Once I bought the pork belly and thought of trying out this recipe. But laziness strike me again. End up I pass the pork belly to the maid and asked her to cook for me.

3 days ago which was Thursday. I cooked this fried pork belly at home for the very first time. It was quite easy to cook. It was unexpected. I bought the pork belly from my regular butcher and asked him to remove the skin for me.

This recipe given by my sister's maid.

Pork belly one long slice, remove the skin. Marinate it with light soy sauce, dark sauce sauce, salt and pepper for at least 3 hours. For me, I marinated it less than 2 hours but still taste very good :)

Fried the pork belly until it change the color like showing in the below picture.

The finishing ... Yan Yan loves this dish too.

Cut into slices.

I cooked other dishes too. I cooked the same dish but with a chicken thigh. But I like the pork belly more.

Lunch of the day : Fried soy sauce pork belly, fried soy sauce chicken, fried chicken, fried egg and a cabbage soup.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Wooden Block

The two kids played with the wooden block set pretty often during the school holiday break. Yan Yan made some nice castles.

Heng Heng still not at this level so he normally sits aside and watch how Yan Yan builds her castle. Sometimes he would disturb the sister.

Castle made by Yan Yan.

She made the castle for her 'miao miao'

The lucky 'miao miao'. Yan Yan really adores this 'miao miao' so much....

This is a new castle she made yesterday. Something different from her usual make castles.

And one day, Heng Heng surprise us with his first castle creation.

Heng Heng first time making the wooden block castle!!

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Shopping at Gap, The Garden

I did mentioned here I joined the Gap 1969 premium jean contest. I got myself the 50% off for jean voucher from Gap. They emailed the e-voucher to me . Without any delay I went to Gap outlet in The Garden with my sister on last Friday.

Offer only valid for 3 days but it is for multiple use.

Yan Yan tag along with me as I wanted to get her a pair of 1969 jean. She only have a jean legging from Gap.

Spending some waiting time with her cousin and his Ipad in Gap shop.

The 50% offer is a good deal. I bought a Always Skinny Jean for myself, my very first Gap jean! Also helped Pei Mun to get a Supper Skinny Jean for Kendra. For Yan Yan's jean, I need to go to KLCC to collect it. She got a Supper Skinny Jean as well :)

Another good reason to shop with the voucher is you can get a RM30 gift voucher on your purchase.

I was a little upset as I have tried a denim capri and I like it so much but the staff told me the pant can't pay with the above 50% off voucher ( I was so doubted as the denim pant is actually under 1969 tag but why the staff said it cant pay with the 50% off voucher .) It is too expensive to get it at normal price though I can get 10% off for member but still expensive. I didn't buy it.

Until I went KLCC the next day to get Yan Yan's jean, I get to try the denim capri I love again, this time I tried one size smaller than what I tried in The Garden. The size fit me very well and I tempted to get it with the RM30 vouchers I have. While proceed for payment, I tried to ask the cashier if I can use to pay the 1969 denim micro-stripe capris . He said YES!!! As long as the item is denim, then it can be paid with the 50% off voucher. I counted myself very lucky and thank for my courage to ASK!!

Here are some pics taken in Mega Mall on the same day we went to The Garden. Yan Yan was very excited to see the pirate ship. This replica pirate ship is very huge and it is to promote the movie Pirates of the Caribbean 4.

When she went closer to the ship, she was scared.

I don't know if this poster has scared Yan Yan or she found the pirate appeared on the ship is more scary??

It was about 10.20pm but he was still on duty, lol.

Maybe he was there to watch after all his treasures!!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

The Scholastic Book Buffet

I just get to know this Scholastic Book Buffet at Parenthots website . You can get a bag full of Scholastic books for just RM49.90. It sounds so good and tempted to go, hehe... So I thought of sharing this info in my blog.

The Scholastic Book Buffet kicks off on the 10th June to 12nd June. It starts from 10am-8pm, at MegaKidz, on the 3rd Floor of Midvalley Mega Mall, Kuala Lumpur. It falls on the school holiday and weekend some more, do prepare for the crowds!!!

I have not been to this kind of book buffet before but I have read some bloggers blogged about their visit to Scholastic Book Buffet and how they stuffed as many books as they can in the book buffet bag. I bet it is fun!