Friday, April 29, 2011

Movie Outing

We could not drag anymore because the 2 pairs of movie tickets I got from Gap Malaysia were going to expired. The first pair of ticket I got it free from purchase Gap merchandise last year . There was some promotions in conjunction of the Children' Day celebration. Another pair of ticket I won it from Gap Malaysia FB fan page. It was also a contest about Children' Day.

So we went for two movies in the month of March. We went to Mid Valley for Mars Needs Mom movie. The show we watched started at 9pm. While hubby went to get the tickets, me and the kids wandered around in the mall. Lucky there was Sustagen road show there and I quickly bring them down to kill the time there is better than walking around.

Some pictures taken at the Sustagen road show :

This was the kids second time went into the cinema. They behaved very good. Both Yan Yan and Heng Heng like this movie very much. In fact, they keep asking me to tell the story again and again everyday.

See how cute they posing...

Some snacks to be brought into the cinema..

When we finished the movie, it was already 10.40pm. We had a hard time to get back to the parking as some exits were closed. We walked in quiet alley in the building before we could get into the car. Luckily we met a security guard and he showed us another alternative way to the car park. Yan Yan was scared. But we manage to calm her down.

On 26th March, we went for another movie in IOI Mall. This round we watch Rango. We went to MIL house to pick up Yan Yan. Surprisingly Yan Yan didn't want to go with us no matter how we bribe her. Hubby and I were quite disappointed. At the end we went for the movie without Yan Yan. But we have other company. Hubby's friend and his daughter Baby Girl joined us. This was actually Baby Girl first time to the cinema.

Because of earth hour ( some lights were off in the alleys) , I could not find the Rango poster for the kids to take picture. Heng Heng behaved super 'guai' and he watched the whole movie quietly. No making any noise :)

I like the movie too and it was indeed entertaining.

For Baby Girl, she is a 'guai' baby so no problem for her to be seated for almost 2 hours. But she fall asleep , hehe..

The two kids. Photo taken when we waited for the men to get the car. Heng Heng got to buy Ultraman tumbler and Ultraman pencil box from Popular. I get some story books for Yan Yan.

Baby Girl, we go for movie again ok??

Side track a bit. Few days ago I finally find out why Yan Yan didn't want to go for the movie outing. She told me she was actually scare of going to watch movie again because of the finding car issue after the movie. She is so scare to walk in quiet alley!!!

What a nightmare for her, sigh! So sorry my dear...

Anywhere I have told her we will not going to have the scary scene again.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

TV Boy

I need to restrict Heng Heng watching TV time. He gets glue to the TV until he doesn't want to touch his toys or books or puzzles. He likes watching TV so much until he wants to bring both the TV and Astro remote to sleep ( senang for him to switch on the TV when he wakes up ) . Because of this, sometimes I have to hide the remote controls when he sleeps. It is really a very bad habit that he wants to watch his cartoon once he wakes up. He is now at the stage that 'sapu' whatever cartoons showing at channel 616.

When there is NO TV for him ( mummy force to limit his watching TV time ), he plays with his Ultraman, wanders around at home, flips some books and play with some toys.

Sometimes, Heng Heng gets very boring if NO TV + Yan Yan comes home late (she has Scribbles Art and Taekwando class until 2.30pm on Tuesday and Thursday).

One day, he got no TV to watch and he started to play pretend to cook. He seldom play masak-masak without her Jie Jie. He asked me what I want to eat. Then he started his cooking task.....

I checked on him and he was quietly playing alone, with the table with of stuff. I went closer and see....

Busy cooking.

He is holding Mcd tomato sauce.

He took my ABC pasta to play. You can see Jie Jie's sunglasses too.

Perhaps the DVDs is used as chopping board??

You know why there is a dictionary?? He told me he need to refer to the book to cook. Ah.. a cookbook it is..

Teapot and cup...

DVDs and CDs scattered over the play table. He told me all these are chocolate bread and asked me to eat first while waiting for him to cook :)

Monday, April 25, 2011

Stinky Tofu

I like to go Pasar Malam. I am very pleased to get to stay in my place where we have Pasar Malam almost everyday in the neighborhood, Hahha! I don't need to wait for a week time to get my next visit, shiok hor. I am a Pasar Malam fan since I am single. Hubby used to go Pasar Malam with me at least once a week. After married, I go Pasar Malam with my sisters more.

All I like about Pasar Malam is actually the food. We can get many variety of local food, snacks and you name it they have it.

Pasar Malam at my Taman is held on every Monday, Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday respectively. It is held in different streets in the Taman. We can get to visit Pasar Malam at nearby Taman on Tuesday ( it is held in Sri Petaling), Thursday ( in OUG ) and Friday ( in Taman Desa ) . I normally go for the Pasar Malam at my Taman and the one in OUG. For now I like the food in OUG Pasar Malam the most as they have the best Popiah I ever try. I will blog about this Popiah stall one day because I don't have the Popiah picture with me now :) I normally eat the Popiah in my car while it is still hot ( it is more tasty and fresh ).

I get to know this Stinky tofu from my sisters, they are also Pasar Malam kaki... I start to eat Stinky tofu when I was pregnant with Yan Yan. It taste heavenly though the smell of the tofu is so stinky, haha! Hubby doesn't like it at all!!! During my second pregnancy I have the same craving too. But I actually don't crave for this stinky tofu after I gave birth to Heng Heng. One of the reason is I didn't have time or chance to go Pasar Malam at that point of time. My sister did 'tapao' this stinky tofu for me but it taste not fresh anymore when they brought the tofu to me. It is the best to eat there or 'tapao' and back home eat as soon. But for the Popiah I mention above, I don't really buy it last time. The stall always full of people and I did buy the Popiah once in while but it was normal. Until lately I try to eat the Popiah when it is still fresh and I start loving it.

Anywhere lately I back to my Pasar Malam life and I purposely set ' no class on Thursday evening'. I want to go to OUG Pasar Malam to get my Popiah and my crave for Stinky Tofu is back!

Stinky Tofu, RM2.50 for 4 pieces. It is more tasty to eat with the vege pickles.

The chili sauce make the tofu more moisture. Yummmmm...

I would like to blog about other Pasar Malam food soon.

My kids like Pasar Malam??

Yan Yan doesn't really like to go Pasar Malam as she claims it is a hot place. She used to like it when she was younger. But she likes Pasar Malam food too like Apam, fish balls and some kuih..

As for Heng Heng I seldom bring him to Pasar Malam. But recently he gets to know Pasar Malam actually selling Ultraman DVDs so he started to ask us to bring him to the Pasar Malam.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

From Cable Car to Tram Car

Last Sunday was hub birthday. We went out for lunch at Tram Car Restaurant. Talking about this restaurant, there is a story behind.

Hub and I used to dine in a restaurant call Cable Car in Sunway Pyramind ( The Ship was one of our dining restaurant too ) when there were any celebrations for us since our courting days. We even brought our kids eating there ( or only Yan Yan, I can't really remember ) once . There was once we went to Sunway Pyramid and found out the restaurant was no longer there. I was quite disappointed at that point of time. Later I get to know that the restaurant actually moved to Jaya but now that Jaya is closed before I got the chance to pay my visit the new located Cable Car Restaurant.

Last week, my mind get to remember this restaurant again when hub birthday is approaching. I try to google search and I find out something...

This Cable Car is now transformed to Tram Car, lol!! This restaurant is located at 32 Square, just opposite the big Toyota showroom and service center at Seksyen 19 .

We went there on 17 April, hub birthday.

Restaurant Tram Car.

Food we had :


Tom Yam soup.

Spaghetti for kids.

Hub had this, I think is Chicken Maryland.

This is my all time favorite, sizzling chicken. Even Yan Yan likes this dish so much. She finished almost half portion of my chicken. There is a similar dish which comes with two big tiger prawns.

We get free dessert.

Can you see the tram car behind Yan Yan.

Heng Heng is licking the plate of tomato sauce.

He likes TOMATOES!!

Never know she likes sweet corns too..

Tram Car Restaurant address and contact :

Address : C-11-01, 32 Square, No.2, Jalan 19/1, 46300, Petaling Jaya, Selangor
Contact No : 03-7958 8588 / 012-307 1532

Monday, April 18, 2011

Angel BabyLicious

I did some online shopping again. Okay, it was just kids clothing. For me, I always go very carefully when choosing clothing for my kids. Quality of the clothing is my main concern. I just discover Angel BabyLicious, a blogshop selling high quality imported clothing for babies/children.

All the photos in Angel BabyLicious blogshop are real products photo which taken by their team. Currently they source for good quality and unique clothes from Taiwan, Korea and Japan. Some of the products are imported personally by the blogshop owner.

Real picture of a polka dots tee selling in Angel BabyLicious.

Cute little model, Tiffany. She is actually daughter of the blogshop owner :)

Tiffany wearing a pumpkin dress.

Besides ready stock products, Angel BabyLicious has the latest design of Japan and Korea kids clothing for pre-order . Here are some of my favorite items :)

Zebra Front Back Printed T-shirt, Classic Khakis Trendy Pant

Honey melon sweet 2-pc set

Camelia Flower Dress

D version Kid Sunglasses

Leopard Print Overall

I get some clothing for Yan Yan last month. The cute bow hair clips is a freebie ^ _ ^

Do swing by the Angel BabyLious Facebook page now to check out their latest stuff for sale.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Online Ordering for Pizza

It has been years since I last call Pizza Hut for a home delivery pizza. Today it rained the whole morning till afternoon. I don't feel like want to cook but also lazy to go out get something to eat. We decided to give a try for online ordering Pizza Hut. There are certain promotions for you if you go for online order. We get the exclusive online deal, buy one free one!

We buy one regular pizza and get another one for free.

Order online and get the pizza deliver to your doorstep in 30 minutes time...

We get two regular pizza at only RM24.50 included tax..

Crunchy Crust Hawaiian Tuna
Both the kids like pizza. But they say NO NO to the pineapples!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

A Short Trip to Genting Highlands

We went to Genting last Sunday tagging along with Papa as he need to attend a congress there. It was just like what we did in last year.

Papa left early while MIL only come and pick us up in the afternoon. My very first time ride on MIl new Honda Insight Hybrid. My instinct came by and I actually ask hubby to buy the car plate number. The 4 numbers came out in the first prize at the same day!! Okay, I didnt win anything as the numbers came out in wrong sequence :(((

The kids while waiting for the room to be ready..

We stayed one night at Highland Hotel while Papa got to stay for 2 nights for his congress..

As usual, Yan Yan likes to check out with the memo notes and start writing..Heng Heng pulak busy with the room telephone calling game, playing with the lights and later get hooked at the matches.

We walked to the indoor theme park at First World hotel . It was a Sunday and we get so bored to queue for all the rides. Papa was not happy with the long queue.

We went for a few rides before went back to the hotel to rest, haha..

Heng Heng made his wish during the Venice Gondola ride

This animal game is still his main attraction after one year..
He didnt get him any token to play for it. BUT he still loves it.

The kids on the Ferris Wheel

I know, I know, they just get not enough for spent less than 1 hour at the theme park. So they requested to dip in the bathroom 'pool' before going to nap.

Heng Heng and me took a good 1 hour nap but not Yan Yan. It was 7pm while we return to the theme park again. It was not that crowded anymore. The kids get to play their favorite rides again and again without queue-ing.

This is cute hor??

Heng Heng on the Reindeer Cruiser.

Heng Heng went for the Ride de Paris again and again. Of course he did get down and change to other cars.

He is now good in riding the bumper car.

A picture taken at the hotel lobby.

The next day morning Papa went out early morning. MIL wanted to go to Casino. The three of us took a walk outside but papa came over to join us a while later.

We bid goodbye to Papa and left Genting in the afternoon. Both the kids actually wanted to stay more time in Genting. The whole day they keep asking me when Papa will back home.......

Heng Heng in the cable car ride.

Bye bye Genting we will be back one day.