Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Fish Cakes Served on Cheddar Cheese

This is one of the delightful dish that I like to cook. Initially I cook my fish cakes with the homemade fish paste. A while later I mix some finely chop carrots in my fish cakes. And the latest version is I serve my fish cakes with Cheddar Cheese.

Simple and very yummy! All I need to do is just pan fried the fish paste with carrots. Then place 1/4 slice of cheddar cheese on each of the fish cakes while they are still hot.

One of our simple dinner.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Shopping at

We love to shop at recently. I am happy to compiling orders together with my friend and always look forward for the package arrive at our place. The unpacking moment is really excited!

My friend is the main organizer as she really has the passion to shop for her twins. Every time she informs me about the good bargain, great sale and etc. For me, I do my part to share the news with my friends and family. Here are some of our shopping loots :

Judy's purchase.

SY's order

Boy's sneakers, less than RM40 if I am not mistaken.

One of Amy's purchase, the penguin tee.

SY and Amy also ordered this smitten with daddy tee.

My birthday rocks tee. This is for my niece.

I heart mummy tee. A few mummies order this lovely tee.

Pei Mun bought this for Randal.

Gwen's new boot.

Esther bought all these for Tiffany.

Tiff's new shoes are very nice!!

Polka dots shoes.

Yan Yan trying on this shoes to check the size for my friend. ( I have asked Esther's permission ^ _^ )

This is Esther's friends order.

Very beautiful headband.

WT's order. She grabbed most dresses for her daughters during the $3.99 to $10.99 bargain. She bought 3 dresses which are only $10.99 each!!

For WT's princess. $10.99

She also bought two butterfly sunglasses for her two princess.

What you think about this $10.99 dress?? I would say it is a steal! The dresses is so good quality and beautiful.

Another nice dress.

Slamdunk outfit for Heng Heng!!

Debbie's order.

Another nice pair of boy's sneakers.

One of Rachael's purchase.

Sue Sue's purchase.

For Sue's boy!

This is Matthew's plaid crib sneakers.

Chew Lee too got something for her kids.

I like this bear claw boot.

Close up view.

I need to admit Gymboree hair accessories are very nice !!! I got some hair clips for Yan Yan. She loves them. Too bad I miss out this ice cream hair clips which are really adorable.

Bow hair clips.

Brenda's order.
First time I get to see Gymboree sleepwear. It is very good quality and comfortable. This set is $10.99.

Brenda also purchse this Argyle half-zip Cardigan for her handsome boy at $10.99.

Some of HN's purchase.

HN also got this for Sophie.

Yan Yan new flat and outfit.

We are planning to have new batch of order for the on going spring sale. For those who would like to join us for the shopping spree, please email me at

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Korea Trip - Day 5 Part 3

This is the post on what we did in the N Seoul Tower. N Seoul Tower is situated in the Namsan Mountain. You can have more information of this tower here.

We purchased the tickets for both entries of Teddy Bear Museum and observatory.

We tried on this portrait machine .

Not cheap but it was a good and new experience for the kids.

The great panoramic views of the city.

The kids with the souvenirs coin machine.

Towers of the world.

The Teddy Bear Museum N Seoul Tower shows exhibits that chronicle the history history of Seoul from past to present through the use of teddy bears. It is an amusing and innovative way for visitors to see how Seoul has changed and developed over time both as the capital of Korea and as an international city. Teddy bears are posed in scenes recreating historic events as well as various aspects of Seoul life.

The entrance.

The kids love this museum.

Melissa likes all the teddy bears till she could not stop herself from taking pictures of all the teddy bears.

Did I tell you the teddy bears can move actually??

Locks of Love at N Seoul Tower. Behind them is
the fence with thousands of locks have been hung to represent the love of their owners. The keys for the locks are often thrown away as an ensurance the sweethearts’ vows to never separate.

At this point of time, Yan Yan already dead tired. She made a big fuss while I wanted to buy some souvenirs at the teddy bear souvenirs shop. My BIL was so kind to drag all the kids out so I can have a peaceful of time to buy some memorable gifts.