Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Kids Outing

It is school holidays now and so far we have two outings with friends. Yan Yan was thrilled to meet her friends who are not from her  school.

A. )  29th November 2011@ Megakidz

We went to Megakidz at Mid Valley. Yan Yan and Heng Heng had a fun time there playing with Terry. Judy is rather busy after she back for her working life. Its been awhile since the kids last meet up. One thing is good that Judy and I still catch up with each others almost everyday via MSN. It was really good to see our kids played together.

We purchased the entrance tickets from Everyday. Yan Yan is big enough to play all the games there except one big and tall spiral slide. For Heng Heng he is daring to try out everything ( except any spiral slides ) . But sometimes he was terrified and hanging halfway when he was trying to climb down. He actually could landed safely by further strengthen his legs. So Yan Yan was there to help him (pulled his legs down a bit to let him landed safely though he only left 1-2 inches to touch down)

Some of the pictures to share here :

The kids had a great time playing around and sweating. They played for 2 hours before waived goodbye to Terry. We had lunch before we left Megamall.

B.) 2nd Dec 2011 @ Smaland

This time we meet up with Chloe.

3 kids at Smaland.
Hwei Li and I went to check out at Popular Books Clearance @ IPC Shopping Mall  while the kids playing at Smaland.

After one hour, we picked the kids and went to The Curve for lunch.

Christmas decoration in The Curve is nice. We took some pictures.

A beautiful castle.

I like this picture so much. They were so happy and had fun riding the doggie.

These are the 21 items I bought from the Popular Chinese Books Clearance. Total spent is RM21. There are some story books, flash cards and activity books.

Closer look. The story books are mostly hard cover and they are all in good quality. This is my first time buying Chinese story books for the kids. Hope they love it.


Sheoh Yan said...

How much is the fee for Megakidz? Nice outting with Chloe at the Curve and Smaland. Lots of books and the prices are so cheap.

Vickylow said...

I find Megakidz facilities not so good, what you think?

Mummy Gwen said...

Wah....nice outing for the kids and the mummies. :)

The books are so cheap.

ChloeRuoyi said...

Thanks for bringing me to the Popular clearance sale. Otherwise, I would have missed the good bargain! :)

slavemom said...

So fun! Ur kids vy happening leh. They've got more gatherings with frens than me. hehehe

Merryn said...

Chloe so very tall! I have not brought Ethan to Megakidz yet because we are rarely in Megamall.

Mummy Moon said...

Sheoh Yan, We paid RM18 for the coupon.
Vicky, their facilities so so only lor..