Sunday, August 28, 2011

The Night before Her Birthday

The night before Yan Yan turned into a 5 year-old girl, daddy decided to bring us to a so call 'romantic' place to have a birthday dinner for Yan Yan. It was actually a place where we can view the Kuala Lumpur night view. It is the Ampang Look Out Point. After 40 minutes drive, daddy told us we were almost reaching there. We passed by a dark and winding road before we could reach the ground level of Look Out Point. Being the kids, they felt scared for the 10 minutes dark uphill  drive journey especially Yan Yan.

Daddy wanted to park the car at the ground level of Look Out Point and walk all the way up to the restaurant areas. I requested to pay extra RM3 to drive the car up the road to the valet parking area as I know I can not walk!

Next was to choose which restaurant to go for. Daddy leaded us to the Look Out Point Restaurant. It is a restaurant with nice ambience. Too bad all the window seats were occupied. The window seats are the place where you can have the best night view. More ever there was a smoker there so I decided to go for the restaurant next to it. We settled ourselves at Heaven Restaurant.

We have the open air seating  to enjoy the breathtaking view of Kuala Lumpur. For the kids, they didn't really appreciate the night view, perhaps a restaurant with theme park view would be more 'shiok' for them,lol. Yan Yan also not so used to the nature environment with the buzzing insects sounds. She even screamed out loud when there is a moth flied near our table and landed on daddy's shirt. But overall we had a special night out.

Here are some of the pictures taken in the restaurant.
The birthday girl

The magnificent view of the Kuala Lumpur
Another night view
They are forever that cheeky whenever I ask them to post for me :)

Me and my kids and pardon me for the messy table.

Me and Yan Yan, we were wearing the matching tees :)

Hazelnut sesame cake.

I ordered grilled herb lamb chop.

Bolognese spaghetti for the kids.

Daddy's Nasi Lemak Rendang.

The food was good and price wise it is reasonable. The bill was about RM60.00++. 

We went up to the Look Out Point Tower after the dinner. I bet this is the point where you could have the best panoramic view of Kuala Lumpur. Too bad my camera battery died on me and hence no pictures were taken on what we did or see at the tower.


wenn said...

the look out point is interesting!

Mommy to Chumsy said...

what a lovely celebration. yours and yan yan's matching tees are very nice. i like the haven too :) btw, recently i read in the papers about how dangerous the look out point is because of the slopes which are not well maintained. too scared to go again :(

Hayley said...

Yan Yan is such a lucky birthday gal~

I've heard about this Look Out Point, but too far away for me to go, LOL :P

Small Kucing said...

I heard about this place but never been there yet. Some say the food no good, some say god. Guess, depend on which restaurant ones goes gua..

Mummy Moon said...

Mommy to Chumsy, if it is that dangerous, I don't dare to go again too :(

CathJ said...

I always wanted to come here but still don't have a chance to go.. hihihi... spectacular view..

Battery out?? Blogger nightmare hihihi...

ChloeRuoyi said...

The view from the restaurant is good enough already. We didn't go up the look out point tower because it was raining when we were there last time. Nice place for small celebrations like this :) The cake looks very yummy!

P.s. I noticed the lens shadow on your food pics hehe ;)

Health Freak Mommy said...

RM60++ damage is considered very cheap for such a dinner which is considered luxurious with such magnificent view. I must try this place soon!

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Merryn said...

i love LookOut Point. The last I was there, the electricity went off like every 15 minutes! dunno what happen that night the power so unstable. I wish to go there again some day :)

anney said...

I love the view! All the foods look delish! Happy belated bday Yan Yan!

Uncle Lee said...

Hi Mummy, many happy returns of the day to your cute girl. She sure has her mom's attractive traffic stopper looks.
Wow, love the pics here.....KL looks really fantastic at night.
And compliments to your hubby taking his girls to this romantic place.
Happy holidays to you.

Mummy Gwen said...

Happy Belated Birthday To Yan Yan! This place is awesome but I have no idea where it is..hehe. The food looks good.