Friday, July 29, 2011

Busy Sunday

Last Sunday was a busy Sunday for us. Early in the morning we went for grocery shopping at Isetan, KLCC. I have RM95 worth of vouchers from my Isetan membership points redemption. Right after that, we headed to PJ for a Dim Sum session with my family to celebrate my mom's birthday.

Our our way to PJ we passed by Jalan Istana and hubby suddenly made a turn into the King's Palace junction. Ahhhh.. we always pass by this palace and have seen a lot of tourists and travel buses stop by here for photo session.

We also took some pictures here :)

Istana Negara, where we can only see from the outside :)

This is definitely one of the tourist spots in Kuala Lumpur ya!

we left the place and off we went to AhYat Abalone Forum in Section 13. Our initial plan is to eat dim sum there since they have 30% off for Dim Sum during weekends. We did try out some dim sum but end up we decided to get a set lunch since we were dining close to afternoon time. My sister ordered don't know what set lunch and the food came out to be very big portion for each dish.

The shark fin soup, the bowl is rather big, I get almost full after finish this soup.

Suckling pig.

Sauce and bun.

The abalone and sea cucumber.


The unfinished pork turn into another dish.

The prawn, so so only.

Dessert, I like it..

Bird nest egg tart.

There is a noodle dish also but I forget to take pic. 9 adults and 4 kids but still we could not finish all the food. We had to take away the unfinished food.

The bill came out to be not cheap of course. But we were given 8 free abalones ( vouchers ) , hehe.. for next visit lah. My sister distributed the vouchers to all of us. I got this two and we will most probably come back to eat again very soon. This round I will only want Dim Sum. The restaurant is actually offering 50% off for all dim sum during weekdays.

We have the whole day spent at my mom house. Cake cutting session was held in the late afternoon...

Baskin Robin ice cream cake. happy Birthday to my mom!!

Poh Poh with all the cucu-cucu... ( sorry Melanie, not able to capture you) My mom has 5 cucu altogether! More to come please , haha, of course not for us. I think my brother is preparing some good news for us. He might getting married soon :)

Later in the evening we had some dessert again...


My first time try Snowflakes, not bad, hehe...

This was our busy Sunday. By 9pm we decided to call it a day......


Hayley said...

Wow, looks like a nice outing ya! All the food looks great!

yvonne said...

Hehehe, although busy with activities, food is a must in the list :)

Am drooling at the ice cream cake and snowflakes - got sweet tooth.

CathJ said...

wow good food.... and cake!! yum!!

Mummy Gwen said... was really a busy day indeed. One ice cream cone on the cake melted already..hehe.

Happy Belated Birthday To Your Mum!

Mummy Moon said...

Mummy Gwen, all our love melted the ice cream cake :)

Vickylow said...

Happy Belated Birthday to you mom. Nice celebration, it was a fruitful Sunday.

Baby Darren said...

wow...i feel hungry already by looking at the food..a very fruitful day for you and the family.

Merryn said...

If i have Snowflake, it must be da soya series. I dun like their best seller da grass jelly series, not enuf oomph that one

Sheoh Yan said...

Bun and source look so special. Drooling.

ChloeRuoyi said...

Such a luxurious lunch for the birthday girl :) I'm sure your mum was super happy that day!