Thursday, December 30, 2010

Crafty Cooking Kit

I bought this home today from Cold Storage, The Garden! Hehe, A bit out of season or not?? I just see it is something fun for the kids and it is cheap so I grab it. Only RM9.90 leh!! I don't know if it is markdown price due to after Christmas or it is just selling at normal price..

You know what , I actually drooling over the Wilton Gingerbread Mini Village Kit that saw it from Blog Ni Ako from Philippines. I thought we can't get such things here.. Hehe, happy enough to have this Kellogg's crafty cooking kit though what I want was gingerbread village kit.

Rice krispies treats, holiday house kit, a product from Kellogg's

They teach you how to cook it, adults and kids need to do their part..

The kit includes of : Rice krispies cereal, mini marshmallow, spice drops, 2 icing pens, house pan and candy beads!

We are going to start cooking now, wohooooo! Hmmmm, hubby asks if it is edible??? Haha, you need to wait and see!

Update : I just browse its website and get to know this product is recalled lately due to allergy alert on undeclared egg in the icing!! But we don't have allergy to egg so we are safe to use this product? More ever the recalled products are identified with the following expiration dates: 15 Oct 2012; 16 Oct 2012; and 02 Nov 2012 but what I have here is expired on Sept 2012 wor.....
Anywhere, once we done the decoration, we didn't eat it, feel weird to eat our craft work, lol!
Will post the finished craft work tomorrow!

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

A Happy Family

I didn't know my hub is so good in drawing until lately he draws for the kiddos :P

His sketching are mostly about our family sketching, sometimes he draws house, animals, cars. The drawing is like kids drawing so it is very cute...
Yan Yan and Heng Heng like his drawings.

One fine day, Yan Yan returned home from MIL house and saw a piece of sketching. It was actually a picture of our family that hubby drew for Heng Heng. A very funny and happy family picture. Yan Yan started to asked this and that so daddy explained his drawing.

The Happy Family drawing was like this :

Daddy , one hand holding hand phone and another hand was holding milk bottle.
Mummy, one hand holding a broom and another hand holding laptop ( lol)
Yan Yan, one hand holding her blanket ( her comforter ) and another hand was holding her Meow Meow soft toy.
Heng Heng, both hands holding his favorite pillow and bolster.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Gap Casting Call

I was suppose to post this earlier, so to get more votes from all of you ( some of you might know we took part in the casting call from Facebook).

Actually I give up very soon the voting campaign started. You know why?? SOme participants have got hundreds of votes within the first few days when the voting session started. They are so ahead, don't know how they got so much votes in such a short period. And now and this ending time, they are some people with thousands of votes. For us, we don't even hit 100 votes, teruk tak, lol.

This casting call voting is all about votes, that make people so sick of it.. You can go to Gap fanpage in FB, people are doing exchange votes some more, among the participants.

But now I wish you guys to vote for my niece, Melissa. She is pretty and I think she has potential too, hehhe. She has got 300++ of votes now, not bad lah. I can read her heart, she wants to be selected! SO I am here to ask all of you to vote for her, please, ok?? Thanks!

Melissa Ann Liew, 10 years old, she is my niece. To vote for her,

1. Like Gap Malaysia in Facebook.
2. Go to Gap Casting Call Tab.
3. Click 'Start Now'
4. Choose country 'Malaysia'
5. Look for letter M for Melissa.
6. Click page 2 you will see her picture.

Melissa is as pretty as her 'Yi Yi', so support her lah :P

Me and Melissa

Her recent taken picture :P

You can vote for my son too :P

Yan Yan

This are some pictures taken on the shooting photos day :

She was scared there, lol!

Heng Heng told me he was 'pa pa' ! He saw the big sport light and get more scared! No matter how hard I bribed him to SMILE, he just didn't smile......

Heng Heng only smiled once the shooting is done, haih ... Yan Yan lagi shiok, she didnt smile when it was her turn.. BUT she kept asking Heng Heng and Melissa to SMILE when it was their turn ! Nevermind lah, they are still small, it was just something for them to experience... Once they grow older, they will get ease out of fear , hopefully they can get to experience some other casting call again, lol!

He got a balloon from one of the Gap staff.

Reward them Baskin Robin after the shots.

We lepak a while in Mid Valley.

This is my boy asked me for riding carousel which was just a kind of Christmas decor, how to ride??

Please hop over to Facebook and VOTE for Melissa NOW! You only need to vote once, voting ends 31st December 2010.

Monday, December 27, 2010

Korea trip - Day 3

Update : Yan Yan like Everland and so do other kids. She got very deep impression on the watching animals part and feeding animals. why I said so?? That day we came back from Everland and called daddy from Korea. Yan Yan kept telling daddy she went to 'Zoo Negara' and saw many monkeys and get to feed the monkeys, she continued and kept telling she saw polar bear too. She kept bla bli bla bla untill I have to stop her, not cheap to use international call, haha.

Day 3 was the day we spent at Everland. We woke up late, took breakfast and geared up for the outing!

She knew she would be going to a theme park, so she was happy! ( 10.13am Malaysia time, and it was 11.13am in Korea! Sigh, so late only we off to Everland )

Here we go, Everland!

She looked fresh and energeti every morning came out from the guest house! But once she get contact with the cold and freeze weather, half of her mood is gone.....

We took subway to Sadang and then we boarded 15002 public bus at Sadang Station.

The bus we took! We sat in the bus for like 90 minutes, so long journey...

Finally we were here ! We get out from the bus and felt so cold! Too cold to walk, too cold to talk and some were feeling hungry some more . If the weather gets warmer, it would be better for us :P

This is the entrance. I printed some coupons from Korea Tourism website . So we get to save some money. We paid 31000 Won for adults and 24000 Won for children. The staff saw Yan Yan was on the stroller and waived her for purchasing ticket. I saved AGAIN! Haha! Actually only kids below 3 years old is FOC but have to pay for certain chargeable kiddo rides.

Christmas is approaching and everywhere was Christmas decorations.

It was a weekday so it was not crowded at all, good for us!

We reached there about 2pm++, wasted the whole morning, haih..

This is Yan Yan in her stroller, she was that lazy to walk.

The kids

The 'guai nan' girl, didn't want to take pic :(

Very nice Christmas ambiance.

The Christmas Avenue

Everland is huge but we have too little time, very regret we didn't come early. We went straight to the Human Sky (cable car) to go to Zoo-Topia. There are many attractions there. Too bad we missed the Safari World! This was actually a highlight of the trip! My fault! I didn't go trough the map clearly and I thought the Safari World is no longer here. I did visit the Safari World during my last trip. It was like our A Famosa Safari World where you can see the animals in the special truck.

Yan Yan and Melissa

Here are some of the pics taken in the Zoo-Tapia area. We saw penguins, sea lions tigers, polar bears, peacocks, guinea fowl, eagles , bats , monkeys, apes , lemur and many many more. We also bought animals food to feed animals.

Finish up with the animals, we took the Human Sky again and go to cover other part of the theme park. Here we rested and have our lunch.

Fast food for lunch.

After lunch, it was time for the kids to have fun with some rides. There is a Aesop's House & Fable Garden where the kids can experience Aesop's fables.

The Aesop's House

One of the fables, like a giant book. Press the button and you can get the sounds effect, in Korean.

All of us know this fable :P

Yan Yan was pressing the button to get to hear the story :P

Mummy and Yan Yan

Yan Yan and Melissa cousin

Yan Yan and mummy :P I don't like this red hat. I brought it here to Korea for standby only if too cold only I force myself to wear it, lol!

Kids lining up for ride.

It keep turning and turning and I get colder and colder :P

We did shop a bit in the souvenirs shop.

The sky was dark already, felt so wanted to leave because of the darkness sky. But it was only 5.30pm... We decide to stay longer and sacrifice for late dinner.

We able to watch the night parade called Moonlight Parade at 6.10pm ( Korea time)

Later it was about 7.00pm. We wanted to stay a little while more to watch the fireworks display.

We shopped while waiting for the fireworks display.

This is how cold they were! We all have thermal wear but still can not 'tahan' !

Finally the fireworks display was ON, but lousy one, hahha! At least not as good as what we saw in HK Disneyland.

Bye Bye Everland! We took the public bus again to go back to Sadang Station and then took subway to go back to guest house.... Huhuhuh, we had very late dinner.