Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Langkawi 2010 @ last day

Remember my post here , thanks to Airasia for the rescheduled flight and we managed to stay in Langkawi for a few more hours :P Just make sure we need to headed to airport before 1.45 to return the rented car and checked in process.

Due to the matter of timing, we could not make it for a cable car ride on last day though the weather is good enough for the cable car to go up the hill. We planned to bring the kids to the beach and to swim.

Woke up late in the morning , we spent a little time on the beach only... some of the photos taken at the beach.

The toys

Mummy and Yan Yan

Heng Heng only wants to blow bubbles

He was ok to stand on the sand :P

He didn't like the sea at all , haha. Look at his legs :P

Bubbles is still his favorite :P

Later he played with the sand after get bored with the bubbles.

Our 'cacat' looking sand castle :(

Later he tried to catch the crabs.

Nothing were caught :P

No worry, daddy had got some crabbies for him :P

For Yan Yan, she played a while at the beach..

Later we started to make noise... She wanted to go to the swimming pool.

She went to the 'pondok' as her protest for not bringing her to the swimming pool

So we headed to the pool :P Heng Heng didn't like water again :P

This girl is happy lah.

After playing at the beach and swimming in the swimming pool, we headed back to the room. We showered the kids and get things pack, ready to checked out. Yan Yan has been asking us when we are going back to our home the entirely trip simply because she didn't want to leave so soon, she likes to stay in the hotel..... We started to worry if she can accept the fact that we need to go home when we were packing. To our surprise she didn't make fuss, she just tell us she wanted to come here again :P

Bye Bye Berjaya Langkawi...

We went to Oriental Village again before going to airport. We feed the fish there with our unfinished bread. Then we discovered inside the village there were places to see elephant, tigers and there is a rabbit farm... Oh, I didn't know about it before this.

We went to the rabbit farm.

I tell you the rabbits were famished and kept hopping to get the food.

We had lunch some where nearby our hotel. Finally I get to eat some Malay food :P We had nasi campur and Ikan Bakar, very yummy!

Ok, it was time to wave bye bye to Langkawi Island. We boarded the plane at 3pm. Both the kids dozed off in the plane. Once we touched in Lcct, Yan Yan already awake while Heng Heng was still in his nap. I tried to carry him carefully hoping he could continue to sleep a little more. The plane parked quite far and we forced to walk quite a distance to the terminal . Yan Yan too walked all the way by herself with a backpack while mummy was carrying Heng Heng and daddy was carrying the hand carries... Yan Yan was behaved very well though she just woke up from the nap. She walked and walked and never make any noise, no hold hands at all, just followed my butt :P once I walked too fast ( carrying a 12kg boy so I need to walk faster ) and she lost my butt , others had blocking her way and she lost her mum in her sight, haha!

Finally we get to the terminal to claim for baggage and get a taxi to go back home.

Shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, he was still sleeping though we were in the taxi . Until we passed by a toll station , taxi driver open his door to pay and bang the door back, there Heng Heng only get awake. We had never see the boy is so ' lan fun' !!!

This the end of the story of our first holiday with the two kids. Needless to say we had a happy and great trip!

Monday, July 26, 2010

Parent - Teacher's Meeting

This is a back dated post. The PTM was actually in May, I don't know why it takes me months to update this post, sigh..

The PTM session was in the evening, so parents can make it after finish their work. It was a suprise for Yan Yan to go to school in the evening again, with daddy and mummy, hehe.. I told her we were going to see her teacher and checked if she behave well in the school or not. She asked us don't go, haha, she was scared right!

Overall her class teacher just gave good feedbacks on Yan Yan. I can see her class teacher quite adores Yan Yan :P She likes to listen Yan Yan to sing songs. She praise Yan Yan is good at singing.

I asked teacher how is Yan Yan participation in the class this is because every time I fetch her to school she seems quiet , doesn't want to greet teachers at all.

Some highlights from her class teacher :
1. She is very good in participate any class activity, especially talk and show time wor.
2. She likes singing, talk and show time. But when comes to reading time, she doesn't show much interest :(
3. Yan Yan likes orange color. Whenever she colors, orange color is her first and only choice.

Then I meet another teacher, she had other comments on Yan Yan :
1. Very good in leadership. Her friends always 'push' Yan Yan to be the leader for any class activity.
2. Academic perform is average.
3. Sometimes she reacts rough happens when kids fighting toys. She doesn't like to share.
4. English speaking is improving a lot, but she likes adding 'lah' in the end of her sentences.

We met her Mandarin teacher too :
1. 他的表大能力很好, 时常回应老师。 班上会讲流利华语的同学不多, 他的华语还不错。
2。 不爱专心阅读。有一回老师让他在放学后追补她之前缺课的阅读功课。他更老师说他很累, 不要再读了要回家。
3。 写华语的笔画还美掌握好, 其他学生也是一样,应该是正常。

Here are some of the photos of her exercises, worksheets in the class.

Mummy's comment :P
1. Still need to improve at coloring skill ( she can color better now at 3yrs 11 months)
2. Her English is improving a lot though Mandarin is still her mother tongue . Sometimes she likes to speaks English at home and asks us questions in English.
3. She needs to get improvement in her social skill. I hope she can relate well with the brother and sharing with others.
4. Her concentration is short, need to be improve in order to learn well .

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

First Cinema Experience

Yeah, we finally brought the kids to the cinema for their first movie. Initially daddy thought of not to bring Heng Heng for this outing, worrying we were not able to cope with his mischief in the cinema. Hehe, but I able to persuade daddy and Heng Heng has got his share to watch Toy Story 3 in the cinema as well :P

Sometimes back I did casually tell Yan Yan we might going to watch Toy Story in the cinema when I saw the TV was showing Toy story 1 or 2. She reacted really excited though she know nothing about Toy Story. Then she didn't watch the cartoon also and switched to another channel :(

Later 1 day she saw some toys in Mcdonalds and she able to tell me there were Toy Story. Then 1 week ago she told me her version of Toy Story. She said to me the toys would wake up when everybody is sleeping :P

So we off to watch the movie at Mid Valley last Friday.

The kiddos

Toy Story 3 was on cinema since 17 June. We only catch out this movie one month later, hehe

The show was just about to start when we enter to the cinema. Blame on me didn't wake all of them up from nap earlier. Yan Yan was a bit scared as the cinema was in dark. Soon she was fascinated with the big screen TV :P

We bought popcorn , coke, Rocky sticks and Mcdonald's fries . It was a way to keep them sit quietly while munching on the food.

Occasionally, Heng Heng would make some noise. But I could catch him glue on the screen when he watch out something exciting. Once he mimic the crazy ape and did some funny noise :p

For Yan Yan, I would say she was more fascinated on the cinema more than the movie, LOL. She looked around a few times to take some glances at the other audience, then take her sweet time look on the top of the cinema where she spot the light and where the projector was placed. So I think this keh boh girl can not understand the whole story line as she didn't pay full attention watching the movie. She don't even know the names of the characters in the movie :(

Needless to say, we had a pleasant movie outing .

Once the movie was finished. Both the kids has got something to tell me .. :P

Yan Yan : Mummy, I want to watch movie again. ( trying to hold my hands to go to the cinema direction)

Heng Heng : Mummy, I tell you I don't want to watch TV here.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Langkawi 2010 Part 2 @ Day 2

It rained in the midnight and we only woke up around 9am. BVC doesn't provide any breakfast so the kids have their 'nen nen' while me and hubby ate a cup of instant noodle each. Next we took the shuttle bus from our room to the lobby and walked to the beach in the front. Needless to say, Berjaya Langkawi has a very nice layout and it is close to the beach.

We were on the way to the beach :P


Swimming pool area.

The beach :P

See, no sun! We brought sand castle toys and bubbles. I thought it was a nice day so we could have a great time playing on the beach. I took a closer look at the wave, it was so weird and then the big wind came... the sky started to get darker. The wind continue to blow and blow, sigh, not a good sign at all...

Without wasting any time, the kids start to play...

I dig, dig and dig!

Mummy, the wind is so big...

Very soon it was not pouring rain but just a good drizzle. We stayed in the shelter so the kids can continue to blow bubbles. Boy, I tell you the wind was blowing so strong. We just need to dip the stick with bubble liquid and the wind would blow the bubbles for you, lol. Even Heng Heng had yet to have his skill enough to blow them himself could have the wind to help me :P

The shelter

It was a place to play giant chess

We didn't stay long in the shelter as the wind kept blowing very strong. It nearly blew away the mat and the caps. I got sand caught in my eyes as well.

We got to get back to the room :(

We let the kids have some bubbles bath before we left for Langkawi cable car ride.

The rain has stop and we were ready for another outing!

The cable car ride is situated in the Oriental Village. It is the entrance for the cable-car ride, which takes visitors all the way up to Mount Mat Cincang, Langkawi’s second highest peak. We entered the village and passing through the pleasant oriental garden and souvenir shops. There was a fish pond in the village.

We let the kids feed the fish

A photo of Heng Heng

A photo of Yan Yan

Another photo of Yan Yan, she said to me she wanna make a pose :P

Cable car counter

The sad new was the counter was temporary closed as for the weather was not permitted for any cable car operation. Its fate lah, every time we were here also like that !

No choice we then went for Langkawi Underwater World. It was indeed a great place for kids. They can see not only sea creatures but land animals as well.

Here are some of the photos we had taken in the underwater world :

We had late lunch at Kuah Town after finish visiting underwater world. It was raining drizzling again. Try to put them to nap in the car but fail. No point to force them , just to let them enjoy the rest of the time to the max.

We did some shopping at nearby duty free shops. Later we went to a mall 'jalan-jalan'. Then we left the mall. Heng Heng was crying all the way from the supermarket in the mall till we drove to Wonderland food store again. He actually was fascinated by a Ben 10 pencil case. He didn't ask us to buy it but he just keep looking and touching with it only. Till daddy get the errand done ( buy mineral water ) we had to leave the supermarket and he didn't want to leave the place. There he goes crying out his lungs.

We only able to soothe him by giving him some chocolates and 100 Plus in Wonderland. This time we try to order some fried noodles and fried rice for the kids. We also order butter prawn and fried Kailan. While the food is served, Heng Heng already dozed off on the chair. Haih, poor boy, it was already 6pm and he yet to get any nap, sure tired. We never see him that tired before. We Ta Pao all the food and drove back to the resort.

Back at the resort lobby, I carried him while waiting for shuttle bus to get back to the room . He was still sleeping soundly, which is very very rare. He normally would awake if happen we carry him out of the car. He still sleeping when we were on the 'open air' shuttle bus. He still sleeping while we were back to the room. He only woke up while every one was finish shower, which was about 9.30pm. Yan Yan didn't take any nap the whole day and her stamina was good enough for her to stay till the night!

Finally Yan Yan went to the dreamland after forcing by mummy. But then another one was just eyes wide open after he got rest enough from the late nap!