Sunday, January 31, 2010

Meet Up with Kristie

Yeah, blogger meet up again! This round we met Kristie, her hub James and their baby boy Jayden. We met at Uncle Lim in Subang Parade last Thursday.

So nice to meet a friendly blogger like Kristie. She is so thoughtful, she even baked some cookies for us.

Though two mummies were busy chasing after the two boys, we still manage to chit chat, hehe. The two boys walked here and there, finally they settle down a while at MPH. As for the hubs, they were busy with man's talk. Yan Yan was with daddy.

3 cute babies : Jayden, Heng Heng and Yan Yan

Kristie bake this peanut cookies for us, one of the favorite cookies that Kristie loves. It is my hubby favorite CNY cookies too.

Kristie baked some cookies in animals shape for Yan Yan and Heng Heng!

Cheeky Jayden, he is so cute! When he saw me holding the camera, he gave me this smile :P

After minum- minum and lepak- lepak, we went to check out the Chinese New Year decorations in the mall.

A photo of Yan Yan .

A photo of Heng Heng.

A pic of mummies and kids.

It was tough to take a nice pic with the 3 kids around, hard to get the kids look at the camera.

Saturday, January 30, 2010

The Best Recipe Contest Jan 2010

This blog post is my entry for 'The Best Recipe Contest Jan 2010' run by CJ .

I never thought of making fish paste is so easy, until I tried it out lately. MIL always tell me homemade fish paste is fast + easy+ healthy. What is good is the fish paste can be used in many cookery.

I am going to share with you a lazy+ fast+ simple matter to prepare fish paste at home, but I tell you, the outcome is superb.

Tao fu fish

Ingredients : 4 Tao Fu fish, 3 piece of bean curd sheets, 100ml water and salt to taste and oil for deep frying.

The flesh

I choose Tao Fu fish because it is more meaty than other fish that can make into fish paste include SaiTo and Tenggiri.

Here you are, the method :P

1. Clean the fish and slice.

2. Scrape the flesh with spoon.

3. Get some salt and dissolve it in 100ml water.

4. Stir the flesh with a spoon in one direction and at the same time add in the salt water little by little.

5. Keep stirring and keep adding salt water until the mixture become very sticky and springy. ( step 4 and 5 take about 30 minutes.

6. Cut the bean curd sheets into rectangular in shape, size is about 15cm x 6cm each.

7. Stuff the fish paste into bean curd sheets and roll it.

8. Deep fry the bean curd sheets. Dish up and serve.

The outcome

Will sure try again of making fish paste at home as it is so simple. Next time i will use the fish paste for stuffing Yong Tao Fu like eggplant, bean curd and chili.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

It's all about Heng Heng's Birthday

We went to Mid Valley again on his BIG DAY . Mid Valley is indeed very near to our place hence we already been there twice last week. Kids birthday, we want kids happy! We have Mcdonalds for lunch, Heng Heng and Yan Yan can eat as many fries as they can, happy?

Next, we went to MPH, to get some birthday presents for Heng Heng. He likes books, books with animals. We wanted to get some new books for him. He has been reading / using all the hand down books from Jie Jie.

He spot a 'fish' , wanted mummy to take photo for him, some more request to view the outcome from the camera on the spot.

Happy with his new books, wanted to carry all by himself.

We went to Jusco's kids amusement centre right after hanging out in MPH. Time for 'main-main'... happy?

Back home, he could not wait to read his new books. I bought 'In The Wild' jumbo lift-the-lap book for him, he likes it so much.

The Wild jumbo lift-the-lap book

Pa Pa chose a Kamus Bergambar for him * wink wink*

Not forget to get some books for Yan Yan

A Thomas n friends hat for Heng Heng. Bought from Jusco.

Back home at 3pm . Kids took their nap. In the evening, we went to MIL house. I bought an Elmo cake for him. Happy? he got many birthday presents :)

Happy Birthday Heng Heng!

His signature post, with 2 or sometimes 3 fingers up!

Yan Yan wasn't happy , she has got nothing. In order to cheer her up, Gu Gu let her unwrap a present, pretend that present was for her, an Adidas top.

Heng Heng busy unwrapped his presents.

Toys from Xiao Gu Gu, huhuhuh, very expensive toy! I get to know the price from her credit card slip, left in the plastic bag * wink wink*

New clothes from Da Gu Gu and Jek Jek

Angpaos from Ah Gong and Ah Ma

Crocs shoes, from Da Gu Gu! It was a Disney Buzz Lightyear Kids' Cayman, but I got the permission from SIL to exchange it to Scooby-Doo Kids' Cayman since Heng Heng likes animals. i

CNY Joy Is In The Air

This coming Chinese New Year falls on 14th February, which is also the Valentine's Day. A good one, so we can have a double celebration :P

We can see Chinese New Year decorations are up at malls, everywhere is full with RED, red decorations, red packets, red new year clothes. Red symbolizes luck and prosperity!

My family and friends are busy with spring cleaning, baking ( ordering ) cookies, shopping for CNY etc. I yet to shop any new clothes for myself , hopefully this long weekend holiday I am able to shop for some new clothes.

We were in Mid Valley last week to celebrate Heng Heng birthday. The Chinese New Year decor in Mid Valley is very nice....

This picture taken at a stall selling CNY decorations.

~~CNY Joy is in the air~~

Sunday, January 24, 2010

First Parent-Teacher Meeting

We were invited to attend the initial Parent-Teacher meeting on 23 Jan. We met Yan Yan's class teacher to talk about Yan Yan adaption in the school for the first three weeks.

This was just an initial assessment of the child in major learning areas. Nothing much to do with their academic performance since the child was in the school less than 1 month time. This was more for parents to know how is the child behave in the school, how is their participating in school , emotional and social skill.

Teacher highlighted Yan Yan is quite emotional ( I agree) , sometimes she will shout in the class or fight for toys with others ( am expected ) . I told teacher how she reacts at home and how fierce she treats her Di Di. Hopefully as time goes she will learn and get instill positive attitudes and values .

Another issue discussed was 'enjoy snack'. Teacher wrote a remark of sometimes on the report under 'enjoy snacks'. This is refer to the Thursday menu, Yan Yan is not so fancy on the food which served fried noodles or fried meehoon. Any where Teacher did mentioned Yan Yan enjoys the pan cake served on every Wednesday very much.

Overall she is an obedient student. She can follow instructions, likes singing, and participating very well in the class.

A little update on her week 3 of school life.

I am pleased that she is doing very well on her third week to the school. The whole week 3, she did not cry at all, no fuss for going to school, only thing she is uneasy to get up in the morning. She also demanded for mummy to send for to school. In fact, what we plan is daddy send her to school so he can goes to work right after sending Yan Yan. I sent her on to school for the first few days on week 3 and then I able to persuade her to let daddy send her to school on Thursday and Friday.

For Friday, she has bring back 2 readers, teacher wants us to revise with her what she has learnt. We also received her weekly report ( week 2) and for week 3 report will get it on next Monday.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Heng Heng Birthday

Heng Heng is TWO today! He is still small and does not aware of it , can't tell us what birthday celebration he wants, his birthday wish and etc. But no WORRY! We have got a few round of birthday celebration for him! Just early this month, we brought him to Zoo Negara since he likes animals a lot. Then 2 days ago, we went to Mid Valley to celebrate his birthday in advance with my family. We have dinner at Kenny Rogers Roasters. Today we are going to have another celebration for him on his actual birthday. For Yan Yan, she knows her brother's birthday is approaching from the day we went to Zoo Negara. She even told us that Di Di birthday is to go Zoo and her birthday will be going to Sunway Lagoon :P

The other day I brought the kids to order an Elmo cake for Heng Heng and Yan Yan told me that she wants a Tom and Jerry cake for her birthday. Today she reminds me again on her birthday wish :P

Okay, back to our day out at Mid Valley...

the Food

The birthday boy

After our dinner, it was Fun Fun time for the kids. We went to Jusco's kids amusement centre. They enjoy the games :P

Yan Yan and Heng Heng were playing table hockey.

Heng Heng first time playing this hitting crocodile game.

Got some machine rides too.

See what they are playing

Heng Heng's cousins too joined the game .

Hehe, this is the Go Go ball game, throw the balls to hit the mosquitoes !

Presents from Yi yi and Kao fu

Red packet from Poh Poh

So many new clothes for Heng Heng, most probably will keep for CNY.