Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Yan Yan's drawing

1. She looked sad!

This was a drawing she did months back. This happened one day when I asked her to take her nap. She insist wanted mummy to sleep with her . I was busy at the kitchen ( making fish paste eh) so I scolded her and force her get back to the room. She was usual because normally she is willing to take nap on her own. She came out the room a few times to beg for me to accompany her. At the end she draw this and put at the kitchen's floor. Hehe, this was exactly how she looked, crying and eyes with tears. She used her drawing to express her feeling.

Sad face

2. Satu Malaysia

This piece of drawing she did it weeks ago. For me, her drawing is improving. But coloring is so so only. Hope she can keep up the good work.

Satu Malaysia

3. Rabbit

She drew this rabbit just now. She sang and drew. ( xiao bai tu, chang er duo, sei tiao tui er , pao de kuai, ai chi luo bo he ching chai. ) Most probably she learned this from her school.


haha, her coloring is so so only as what I mentioned just now.

4. Birthday

She drew a birthday cake, a little girl and 3 balloons. She is knows her birthday is approaching... She knows her birthday is falls on August :)



smallkucing said...

The award winning fish paste ya :D

her drawing is getting better by the day

Mummy Gwen said...

Yan Yan's drawing is way better than Gwen. Gwen is good at colouring but not drawing.

ChloeRuoyi said...

Aiyooo, the sad face... :( At least she knows how to express her feelings with drawings and she can draw very well.

MeRy said...

Wow...nice drawing...well done,Yan Yan...
Oh...Yan Yan's bday also in August..same with mine lol...coming soon.

prince n princess mum said...

nice drawing...

Mummy Moon said...

Smallkucing, hehe, yalor....

Mummy Gwen, next time ask Gwen teach Yan Yan to do coloring :P

ChloeRuoyi, she put the board with sad face on the floor then went back to the bedroom, haha, she was so sad.

Mery, happy birthday in advance to you.

prince and princess mum, tq

grace said...

Awww. Her drawing is so cute. And she's sweet. :D

grace (

mNhL said... her feelings thru drawings. Very good in drawing.