Sunday, August 29, 2010

Bangkok 2010 Day 1

I was the one who organized the trip.. I was like the leader. Somehow there is something wrong with me.. The trip should be turned out to be a NICE one, minus the issue on checking in at the hotel on Day 1 and the boarding issue on last day..

When my MSN kaki Irene first told me she has booked her Bangkok tour I was so drooling.. It has been years I didn't visit Bangkok. I have heard so much of shopping stories from friends and relatives. I so wanted to go and finally I did it.

At first I was asking around my sisters if anyone of her want to join me for the Bangkok tour.. ok, no one 'choy' me.. Then it came to the catastrophic event happened in Bangkok some where in May.. Everyone scared and no one wanted to go Bangkok, claimed it is dangerous. People started to cancel their trip for the political unrest issue. Very soon Airasia came out something very attracting, to support Bangkok.. It was really a good deal. 4D3N hotel stay and air ticket for only RM300++ per person. Lucky this round the sisters and even my brother and hubby all of them 'choy' me. I managed to book the package via AirasiaGo for the six of us. My first booking with Airasia though we have flied many times with Airasia already.

Ok, back to the trip. They are all together 6 of us. We took the morning flight and reached Bangkok airport in the morning about 11.00 am . We booked a half day temple visit tour at the airport after a kind and helpful lady staff approaching us. She even showed us and taught us how to get a public taxi. So paying RM25 for a half day tour was ok for us.

Took a taxi and reached Baiyoke Boutique. My sister said the hotel lobby is very nice and clean. I tease her the rooms might not as good as the lobby.. hehe .. as I saw some bad reviews online. Afterall I dont think we paid so little can get a good one. But I was wrong.. Maybe the reviews on the internet were not trusted until you see it yourself! The room is indeed clean and look new, at least I feel very comfortable with it . Lucky I asked my BIL and her girlfriend where they stay in Bangkok as they often come to Bangkok! They give me the answer is Baiyoke Boutique.

Then here come the issue of check in. I booked 3 rooms online from 2 bookings. My brother's booking was not there and he was not allow to check in. They wanted us to pay for walk in rate to get a room for my brother. Of course we were not agree for that. Asked them to check again and they said checked and the answer is NO.. They keep telling NO, No , no.. frustrating! We were all hungry..

So we left for our lunch and remind them to DOUBLE CHECK the booking ! We came back after 1 hour and the tour guide is just arrived and waiting for us to start the day tour. The guide try to help us. Still the booking can not be found. I asked them to call Airasia. Must blame on the self help menu .. I don't think there is a good Airasia customer service line, in KL doesnt have and so to Bangkok. The line will only put you on hold hence I didn't ask hub or my sister to call airasia. The only choice in my mind at that moment is we might need to go back to airport to seek HELP from the sales office in airport. But end up my brother and I went to the nearest internet cafe to get online to seek live help from Airaisa web site. then a wonderful call came. Airasia called my brother. We asked them to email our booking to Baiyoke boutique and finally the issue is solved.

But I learn a lesson that day when the Airasia staff asked me if I showed them my hotel voucher. Woohoohoo, no I didn't ! I only printed our booking itinerary! Sigh, I can be so blur! Anywhere, without the hotel voucher, they also manage to retrieve my booking. I just don't understand why they can not find my brother's booking ( it was done by me too) .

It was drizzlingly and it was so late after we settle our check in issue. Blame on the traffic as well, we end up only visit two temples and left out one. I don't really can recall the temples' names.

Some of the pics taken on Day 1 :

The guide is nice and humor. But one thing I don't like is he keep offering us to join some more day tours. He brought us to visit a jewel factory and a tailor shop.. You know what it was... Then our dinner was settle at a restaurant recommended by the guide. The food was nice.

After dinner, we went to Platinum mall. It was about 7pm and most of the shops were closed. We back to the hotel. After shower, no one wanted to go out again. Hubby and I went to a nearby Seven Eleven to get some mineral waters and snacks. Then Hubby and I went for foot massage. It was cheap. One hour foot massage costs only RM18. We had massage everyday, haha!


smallkucing said...

Hmm...curious...could it be they "purposely" couldnt find your bro's booking.

Anyway, hope this incident didnt spoilt your trip. Looking forward to more photos :D

Ann said...

Glad Airasia managed to help you. The weather looks good. Glad the rest of the day was a good one.

vickylow said...

So nice to travel oversea with your sibling and kids didn't tag along. How I wish I can too. :)

Mummy Gwen said...

Air Asia quite efficient too huh. So nice always go for holiday. :)

LittleLamb said...

yes, those tot-tot earn commission from the jewel shop, tailor shop, etc..