Sunday, July 4, 2010

Yan Yan First Visit to Orchard

We headed to Port Dickson last Friday to visit hubby's agency manager's private orchard. Hub told me it was going to be a durian feast in the orchard, I crave for durians so how to resist not going... I suggest to hub maybe we can bring along Yan Yan. Okay, we brought along her with us. Hub said he wanted to bring Heng Heng also... but thinking we were going home very late, we end up don't want to bring him along. ( DiDi, wait till you grow older a bit you will got the chance to go visit to orchard again)

I would say this is something different for Yan Yan. Before she was there in the orchard, she kept asking when we going to reach... kept telling us she wanted to pluck mangoes. No, she didn't want to pluck anything once she was there ( she can try to pluck the rambutans which she is reachable for that) . She got something attracted her, which is the fish pond. She asked for feeding the fish with bread again and again.

Yan Yan and Hubby's colleague

She mixed around very well with hubby's colleagues. Later she took away my camera and started taking photos. She took photos for me, hubby's colleague too. She focus the camera on me and asked me to smile :P

This photo was taken by hubby's colleague . What a funny pose!

These are some of the photos taken by Yan Yan :

The 'pondok'

The ' kulit'

The 'tangki'

The ' pipe air'

Me :P

I asked her what she is trying to capture here.. She answered the leaf fell from the tree so she wanted to take a photo of it ^_^

Okaylah.. she had fun with the camera. The outing is great only if there are lesser mosquitoes... But it was expected.

We had a great time eating the durians.. There are 101, D24 and etc... We are allowed to bring back whatever you can collected or plucked too :P

I like something which is yellow flesh...

Yan Yan only ate 'satu ulas' of durian.

She isn't a big fan of durian.

Better to cover the head with her hoodie jacket.. durians can fall anytime :P

The fish pond

There are coconut trees planted along the pond .

We took home one coconut :p

And lots of rambutans, and durians and mangoes!!

We left home at 2pm and only went back home after dinner . We reached home at 11pm. Yan Yan was tireless! She woke up pretty early in the morning to go to school then she only nap less than 1 hour in the car, on the way going to PD.


Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

Yummy, I love durians.

I am sure it is a great outing and experience for Yan Yan and everyone.

So how many durians you all carried home:0)

2ma said...

i love durians too!! do you have to pay to enter the orchard?

smallkucing said...

wow...the two durians you were holding must be very sedap. Those that "Curve" like that usually have only 1 seed or 2 seeds and usually very sedap one. Malay call it Kucing tidur

Oliveoylz said...

Yan Yan can focus very well with the camera...The pondok pic is very centralised...good eye wor...Looking at all the durian kulit's...can really all ate so many durians to last till the next season...shiok man!

ChloeRuoyi said...

What a fun outing, trying out something different for a change. I'm shy to admit that I have never been to an orchard before.

You must have enjoyed your durian feast! At least Yan Yan is willing to eat it. Chloe will run away at the sight of it and won't even touch it :(

Mummy Gwen said...

This is very fun lah. She tak suka durian meh..I thought she likes..hehe. She is good at taking pics. Gwen also likes taking pics now..haha.

reanaclaire said... wonderful!!! at least yan yan went there before.. me so old already havent been to an orchard.. ":(

prince n princess mum said...

Nature great outings!

vickylow said...

So nice eating durian at orchard. Previously we did go Banting for durian, but gosh after 2 times we surrender, it's very long journey.

MeRy said...

I love durian too...\

Ann said...

WAH....SO YUMMY !!!!

And what a great experience for Yan Yan. Though....must be alot of moskies also.

Mummy Moon said...

Joane,Yes, it was a great outing, we only bring back home a few durians.

2ma, it is a private orchard owns by my hub's agency manager, so no eed to one :P

Smallkucing, yeah, those curve one is the best!

Oliveoylz, compare to Heng Heng, Yan Yan actually can capture very well :P

Mummy Moon said...

Hweli, I also first time go orchard *malu*, Oh, Chloe don't like durinas keh, once in a while try to introduce her, she can change fr time to time :P

Mummy Gwen, She likes durians, but eat very slow, one to two biji is enough for her dy.

claire, it was my first time too.

Prince and princess mum, yes, it was a great outing. :P

Mummy Moon said...

Vicky, how was your banting outing? Sure you get to eat banyak durians :P

Mery, I think Idon durians is very nice kan?

Ann, yeah, the mozzie is sucking all of our bloods like no body business,