Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Langkawi 2010 Part 2 @ Day 1

Heng Heng has got twice of watery poo on the mid night before the trip. I started to worry. Woke up in the morning and kept my eyes on him. He was active but pooped again in the morning and afternoon. We just headed off to the airport as nothing was wrong with him except the watery poo poo.

Both Yan Yan and Heng Heng behave very well during the flight to Langkawi. They were busy eating snacks ( Oreo biscuit and seaweed ) while daddy slept the whole hour of flight.

We reached Langkawi at about 3.30pm. After claimed the baggage, we checked on the car rental service at the airport. We settle for Suzuki 4 door Sedan ( forgot the model ). We paid RM180 and rented the car till the last day of the trip.

This is the car we rent.

Just when we got into the car, Heng Heng already so tired and dozed off in the car. I force Yan Yan to take a nap as well because we still need to hang around in the town before we checked in at the hotel. Berjaya Langkawi is quite far from the Kuah Town so we didn't want to retour to the town again once we check in at the hotel. While the two babies are sleeping, we take turn to go duty free shops get some chocs, mineral waters and snacks.

Yan Yan just took a short nap. Once she woke up, we already stopped by a place for some fresh air, some where near the Dataran Lang. She was happy to see the sea and boats.

Blue sea and blue sky, very nice.... how to resist! I want a photo! Yan Yan took this photo for me.

Yan Yan poses like an eagle. Can you see the eagle statue from far!

Daddy and Yan Yan

Heng Heng still Oii Oii Zhu!

We took a stroll at Dataran Lang once Heng Heng woke up. His tummy was unwell again and he pooped again. One thing is good that he knows he needs to go toilet and he didn't poo in his diaper.

Dataran Lang

Eagle pose again :P

Heng Heng and mummy

The big eagle

Next we have an early dinner at Wonderland Food Store. I read Mummy Gwen's blog about this food store some time back and she said the food is delicious. I actually google about this place the night before our departure. I read some good reviews too.

We were early and yet to see the crowd

We had a mix veges, 'lala' and fried squid

The food is nice but we didn't enjoy our dinner. Heng Heng pooped twice in the food store, some more he had kena his pants so we had to leave and go back to the hotel to shower him :(

Lucky I brought along YuYi oil and probiotics for him. He still active though he was on diarrhea .

Both the kids happily playing in the room before they went to the slumberland. Heng Heng was getting better the next day after a good rest and sleep. We also stop feeding him Enfa Grow and gave him only Pediasure.

Some photos of our room :


Mummy Gwen said...

Wah..Yan Yan took a very nice photo of Mummy. *phew-wit* And Yan Yan poses very well..haha..I like the eagle pose. :)

Aiyo..too bad Heng Heng was not feeling well again. Wah..you guys were so early to Wonderland. We made a mistake of going there at peak hour..waited so long for the food.

smallkucing said...

Sorry to hear Heng Heng not well. Lovely photos

LittleLamb said...

hey..next time we plan go together lo. i also hv to finish up the BVC.

prince n princess mum said...

count me in.. I'm also BVC.. haha~~

Mummy Moon said...

Little Lamb and Prince n princess mumm, can we go together next yr , hou mou... ait for Airasia promo come we book the air ticket sama sama... BVC now need to make booking online hor, haih, some more maintainece fee naik lagi.
I actually had ajak HweiLi, hehe

Mummy Moon said...

Mummy Gwen, We were at Wonderland around 6pm.. This restaurant quite famous among the locals as well. We got the directions from the duty free shops staff. The boss is very friendly :P afew blogger wanna go Langkawi next yr, you want join mou, hehe...

slavemom said...

Yan Yan took a vy nice photo of pretty mommy. ;) So we'll c more of mommy's photos since u've got a personal lil photographer.

ChloeRuoyi said...

Yes, we all go together-gether next year lah, but mine is not BVC wor, mine is PVC :)

Yan Yan took a very nice photo of you. Pretty mama ;)

If Heng Heng didn't have diarrhea, I'm sure the day would have been perfect!

Pete said...

Nice trip. Haven't visited Langkawi for quite some time already. Sorry to hear that Heng Heng tummy was upset during the visit.

Serene said...

Luckily Heng Heng still active and not fuss though he was diarrhea. Good boy indeed! Langkawi is a nice place to travel with family and friends, can't wait to read more updates from you =)

mNhL said...

Poor heng heng. It is not easy to bring kids for holiday whatmore they are not feeling well.

Afterall, am sure you all enjoyed this family holidays.

Uncle Lee said...

Hi Mummy Moon, I enjoyed looking thru your very well taken pics.....and that one of you look really nice...
I sure miss the sea.
Love the dishes....bet you guys polished off everything, ha ha.
Have fun and keep well, Lee.

Mummy Gwen said...

I'm not BVC but my sis is..hehe. I'm SGVC member. Good idea to go together wor. :)

eugene said...

Hey drop by reading your blog,, and here wishing you a great weekend too, you just reminded me that i should take my family for a short holiday lah.

take care now ya

Mummy Moon said...

Slavemom and Chloeruoyi, must thank my lil gal, haha, the photo has got so much compliment

Mummy Moon said...

Pete, Serene, Maybe you can go Langkawi with your family this coming school holiday :P Good thing is Heng Heng gets better on Day 2 :P

Mummy Moon said...

Mummy Gwen,
BVC or SGVC also can lah, hehe

Mummy Moon said...

Thanks for dropping by my blog! Hope you can have a nice holiday with your family soon :P