Friday, February 12, 2010

Yan Yan's New Clothes

My mother in law bought a CeongSam for Yan Yan. The CeongSam just fits pretty nice on Yan Yan and I think of wanna let her wears this CeongSam on the first day of Chinese New Year. But then she looks discomfort with the collar.......

Yan Yan in her CeongSam

She wants me to take off the dress for her, she doesn't like the collar that makes her irritating. She refuses to take pictures some more, which is very rare happen as she likes to be the model lately. In that case, how to let her wear on during CNY? Maybe just wear other new clothes.

Seeing Gu Gu has bought some new clothes for her here, hence I don't need to get many new clothes for her. In fact , These are a few new clthes that I bought for Yan Yan few months back. No last minute shopping for my kids, hehe, this is because you are not easy to get good deal.

A white top from Poney at 30% discount and a bermuda jeans at 50% discount from Miki

A dress from Brands Outlet

White skirt from United Colors of Benetton, at 50%-70% discount

Another dress from Poney, Yi Yi ( my elder sister bought it for Yan Yan )

I think she has got enough new clothes for Chinese New Year. How about new shoes, sigh, no new shoes for Yan Yan tim!!!!!!!!!

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ChloeRuoyi said...

Wah Yan Yan got so many leng-leng clothes to wear!

The same thing happened to Chloe too... I picked a very nice cheongsam for her but she hated the collar... kept complaining not comfortable la, this la, that la, end up I didn't buy it :-(