Monday, August 31, 2009

Very Busy for Moving to The New House

My parents in law are moving. We are in the midst of helping my in laws moving to their new house by next week. The two old folks just rely a lot on me and husband to get everything done, from plan the move, all about the legal process, connect home service and many more. But we are lucky as we got to help us. We get some free online conveyancing quotation up to 4 legal firms. Later we instruct a conveyancing solicitor through and deal with them directly from their.

After all the legal process is done, my parents in law are busy searching high and low for renovation service and get some new furniture. They are so thoughtful to get my kids a kiddo bedroom in the new house. My kids can go for sleep over at grandmother’s house soon.

Now my parents in law are ready to move to the new house. The final stage is done, where the painting of the whole house is just completed. We got all lights ready and installed. All the kitchen cabinets for the dry kitchen, built in wardrobes for the master bedroom and the other rooms are all installed too.

This week will be the busiest day for us. We need to clean the house from every corner. We are getting all the things to be move to the new house and busy with packing and unpacking stuff. We are all really exhausted. Hopefully my parents in law can get to move to the new house by next week. Yan Yan is so excited to have her first over night stay at grandmother’s new house.

If you are in the midst of planning your move, then is the answer for you. help you plan and organize your move in no hassle! Get your free conveyancing quote today.

Friday, August 28, 2009

Pork Luncheon Meat Fried Rice

I have not cook any fried rice for so long time already. Suddenly think of want to cook fried rice for the kids. It is just a simple pork Luncheon meat fried rice. The ingredients that I used are 1 tin of pork Luncheon meat, 2 eggs, carrots, french beans and garlic.

First, cook the Luncheon meat.

Then add in the garlic, carrots and french bean.

Lastly, add the rice and eggs = fragrance Pork Luncheon Meat Fried Rice!

I like the fried rice and so does my hubby. But my 2 kids do not like it that much. :( Am wondering why.....

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Yan Yan is THREE!!!


My daughter Yan Yan is THREE today! I could not believe my little baby girl grows so fast! She has been waiting for her big day since long long ago......

Besides daddy and mummy, both my family members and my in laws family are excited on her big day too. Have a simple celebration for her and she received so many presents. Will update soon.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Playing Pet Society at 3 Years Old

I am so happy to see Yan Yan is doing so well I mean playing so well in this game, this is none other than the hottest game at Facebook, Pet Society! In fact, I regret in introduce her to online game. It is not so good to start to play games too early right? Never mind lah, this is just a new found hobby of Yan Yan, she has learn something good from the game too. I know she will not addict to this game like her cousins. As for me, I don't like to play this game at all. In the beginning, my sister kept asking me to start myself on this game, she said it is so INTERESTING! I don't bother at all. End up my nephew too asked me to play this game and he volunteer to play on behalf of me so that what he earn from my account will be sent as gifts to his own pet in his own account. What a smart boy! Hence he has created a pet for me, he named it as Rocky! I hardly play with this game. Happen if he dropped by to my house, I will then log into my Facebook and let him play play with my pet, so called the Rocky! Then Yan Yan started to show interest in this game. But she yet play the game, she only watch how the Kor Kor ( my nephew ) play. Once in a while I will play the game upon Yan Yan request. She likes to watch the way Rocky being feed and bath.

And few weeks back, Yan Yan started to play Pet Society on her own. She mastered the skills little by little. She learn to go buy things, feed the pet and as well on bathing the pet. She also know how to visit others pet in the friends list in order to earn points. I admit this is an interesting game. But I never know and unexpected......

Yan Yan likes to buy ballons...

She can go to the shop to buy fruits too, yippee!

Visitting friends....

Haha, what is so funny about....

Woh, so serious thinking how to fish in the pond...

There are many activities can be done by the pet. And one of the latest one is going to the pond to fish. Either Yan Yan or me could not catch a single fish end up all the baits finished by the clever fish. So my Shi Fu ( My nephew ) came 1 day to teach us.

And what is unbelieveable and unexpected is.... My hubs is addicted to this game as well, LOL. He never play this game before. Until I told and showed him Yan Yan is so clever playing online games. After watching a while, my hubs said to me this is a very interesting game. End up he too created a pet using his Facebook account! He wanted to earn more points to buy gifts and send gifts to Yan Yan's pet, Rocky! He even helps to rearrange Rocky's house. It is neat and beautiful now.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Champagne Grapes

Heng Heng is just like me, likes to eat veges and fruits a lot. But Yan Yan is totally different from Heng Heng! She loves meat a lot. I always need to hide the veges in her food. For Heng Heng, he is a good eater, any fruits, any veges, he just like all...

Heng Heng is eating some Champagne grapes. My SIL bought this Champagne grapes for the kids. Because for the mini sizes grapes, he walloped all the grapes very fast.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Something She Loves...

A little update on what is Yan Yan into now...

She loves stories. I have bought some story books for her. Most of the books I bought are fable because I think at her age now she can easily showing interest in story that features on animals and that illustrates moral lessons. But normally she will tear the books or simply write whatever she likes on the books. End up all the story books are in 'broken condition' or some pages have gone missing.

The other day happened that I saw some Disney story books selling at very cheap price hence I bought 1 for her.

First Disney story book for Yan Yan. She loves it so much. She would ask me to read or tell her the story of Cinderella, every day, during her bed time and her nap time. After some weeks have passed, I was so surprise the story book is still in GOOD condition. She loves the book until she takes so good care of it, never want to tear it or write on it.

See, she even wants to sleep together with the book. Now she knows what is the whole story about, she knows the story starts with this : Once upon a time, in a faraway... ( she can recite this few words ) . She loves to see the pictures of prince and Cinderella dancing, she hates the 2 bad step sisters of Cinderella pulling her gowns, she loves to see the fairly godmother in magic stick..

The other day when I was reading the book to her, I suddenly think of a hand me down ( from Yan Yan's cousin sister ) Cinderella bag that we have. I showed her the bag.

Then another day happen that Yan Yan saw this Cinderella toys at the corner of our study room, is actually a coin box. She shouted happily and told me she has another Cinderella stuff. Haha, I nearly forgot we have this from her cousin sister too.

Another toy she found in her toy box... This Cinderella toy has been sitting long time in Yan Yan ' masak box'.

I hope she will keep showing interest in reading... I am boring to tell the same story to her everyday, but she loves it.... I will try my best to develope her reading interest... I must not let her watch the Disney cartoon from TV or DVD, else she will hook on the TV, but not on the book!

I am also wondering when should I introduce other princess story to her????

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Pre-Birthday Presents

* back dated post*

I went for Jusco Mid Valley J Card Member's Day on 16 July. I wanted to get some surprise birthday presents for Yan Yan. I bought 2 toys and wrapped them as birthday presents. I placed the 2 boxes under the Little Tikes table for several days already. But my 2 angels never get notice of it until one day...

Lets the pictures speak for the rest of the story :

Mummy, we are boring...

Mummy, I am sleepy...

Mummy : Want to unwrap some presents???
Kids : Hi Ha!!!!

Where are the presents? Let me think ! ( see, they are right behind you, under your Little Tikes table )

Huh, what a surprise!

Thank you, mummy!!!

Can I open???

Something from Disney!!!

Jie Jie, I got Elmo stuff...

Toy 1 : Minnie Mouse Vacuum
Toy 2 : Elmo Giggle Medical Kits

Ha Ha, I have a little helper now...

Friday, August 7, 2009

Mobile Accessories

How often do you shop online? I always browse through the internet for some online shopping. I came across many interesting online store that sell lots of baby stuff. I admit that I shop quite a lot for my two angels, from clothes, toys, books and many more. I stay at home, so I feel so easy and convenient to shop online. All I need to do is just a few clicks with the mouse, order and pay. Then the items will be sent to my door steps.

Lately I am busy searching for mobile accessories for myself. I have a very old model of Nokia mobile phone. I don’t get any reason to replace my old phone as long as family and friends can reach me. Until last week my hubs hand me down his BlackBerry 8900 Curve. Yeah, I can throw away my old mobile phone that belongs to the dinosaur world.

I am now in the midst of browsing through this web site, I tell you, online shopping can save so much of time. All kinds of mobile accessories can be found here, regardless any brands, any products, you name it, and they will have it for you.

I saw a blackberry case that I like it so much. This Blackberry 8900 Curve Skin is red in color. The rubberized exterior provides with a sure grip, protecting all corners and sides of my Blackberry against bumps and scratches. It is so cool!

I need to get a Bluetooth Headset and Bluetooth gps receiver. The Bluetooth headset must be easy to set up, extremely comfortable to wear. As for the Bluetooth gps receiver, I know nothing much about it. I still need time to study what are the latest and the best.

I hope to get more accessories but in the meantime I hope my hubs will be generous enough to pay for all of it.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

New Clothes

My SIL bought some new clothes from Singapore for my 2 angels. SIL is always so thoughtful. Whenever she goes for holidays or business trips, there is always some stuff for my 2 angels. Both my angels were so happy to see the loots from their Gu Gu, even though no toys for them, haha! Gu Gu surely knows how to shop, and she is very good in choosing the right size for them. My MIL even claims that SIL got nothing for MIL , but bought a bag full of kiddies clothes just for the niece and nephew.

For Heng Heng...

For Yan Yan...

Not so happy models... Why ah? They get boring to be dressed nicely just for snap, snap and snap, no Kei Kei at all?????

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Mint Nap Mat for Yan Yan

Some time back, I did tell hubs that we need to get a nap mat for Yan Yan. This is because lately she always complaint to me that she doesn't want to take her nap on her bouncing net. All this while she is taking her nap in a bouncing net at my parents in law house. She refuse to sleep on bouncing net or my mother in law bed. She keeps throwing tathrum at parent in laws' place when comes to nap time. It really gives a headache to both the old folks.

I came across a very useful and pretty cute Mint nap mat at Posy Lane. I bet Yan Yan will sure like it. The most important is she must have a good place to have her nap with this nap mat which has 100% poly batting.

Mint nap mats are padded and lined with nylon and cotton with a ribbon trimmed, soft, fleecy blanket. It rolls up and has a Velcro closure with carrying strap. It has a soft fleece blanket attached and a removable foam pillow. I just like it because it can be roll up and easy to be carry. It can be use for sleep-overs for some short trips or to relatives house.

Other than this, I also interested in buying a Mint laundry bag and a Mint bath towel wrap for Yan Yan. We will be busy from next month onwards because hubs has planned to have short stays at his home town during every weekend. I better get prepare all the things that I need in hands to have pleasant stays at hubs home town.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Japanese Buffet Dinner at Tenji

Last Friday joined hubs and his friends for Japanese Buffet dinner at Tenji, located at Solaris Mount Kiara. We brought Heng Heng along and Jie Jie was with my mom. I can only manage to bring 1 kid with me or else I could not have a pleasant dinner :) Just let Heng Heng has his first buffet. Jie Jie went for Jogoya buffet before so this is fair enough.

This was my first time to Tenji. And lets talk about the food. All the food quite nice but of course Jogoya serve more variety. Tenji is like a mini Jogoya. But I still prefer Tenji because the food is more tasty, so quality is more important than the quantity.
Basically the food served at Tenji are Japanese Cuisines which includes sashimi, sushi, Cold Soba, Tempura, Teppanyaki. Other than that it served western cuisine, dim sum, bbq at outdoor area and nice desserts like mochi, cakes, cookies and HAAGEN-DAZs Ice-Cream! Forgotten what ice cream served at Jogoya... any idea? I was a bit tired and not feeling well on that day. More over I was busy with Heng Heng. But lucky he was extremely well behaved during dinner. He sat on the high chair for almost 2 hours and we were able to enjoy our dinner. But I think I have missed out many food ... I didn't have enough time for myself, haha!
I just know I have missed some of the good food :
1. Seafood Puff Soup ( I saw this quite late and all were fully taken )
2. Grill Unagi ( how come I forgot to spot this out . In fact I saw this while I was browsing Tenji website)
3. Desserts ( Not able to try out many nice cakes as I was too full)

Some of the food that I eat...

Waiting for the high chair...

Waiting for Ba Ba to get some food for Heng Heng...

Back to Heng Heng. He enjoyed the food. He ate some fried rice, lamb, cookies, and ice cream.
We left the restaurant at about 10pm and I was planning to take pictures at the entrance. But guess what? When we came to the entrance we saw a big crowd . Many people were lining up for their supper buffet.

I could only take some pictures after we get down from the escalator. ( Pic 3 is actually the Japanese cuisine section)

Took some pictures while Ba Ba paying for parking ticket.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Easy Step for Homemade Fish Paste

I never thought of making fish paste is so easy, until I tried it out last week. MIL always tell me homemade fish paste is fast and easy. And the fish paste can be used in many cookery.
This is a lazy+ fast+ simple matter to prepare fish paste at home, but I tell you, the outcome is superb.

I got 4 Tao Fu fish from my uncle. As usual, my uncle is our free supplier of fish as he is a fishmonger. The fish already sliced and all I need to do is wash it and start scrape the flesh with spoon.

See, Tao Fu fish is more meaty than other fish that can make into fish paste include SaiTo and Tenggiri. Next, get some salt and dissolve it in 100ml water. Then I stir the flesh with a spoon in one direction and at the same time add in the salt water little by little. Keep stirring and keep adding salt water.

Less than half an hour the fish paste is done and it is so smooth,sticky and springy texture. I use the fish paste for stuffing the bean curd sheet and go for deep frying.

Will sure try again of making fish paste at home as it is so simple. Next time i will use the fish paste for stuffing Yong Tao Fu like brinjal, chilli, etc.