Monday, June 29, 2009

White Radish soup

Since my two angels is fully on solid food now, I choose to cook soup at least twice a week. And they like the soup that I cook. But I am always lazy to try something new for them. So far, soups that I cook include ABC soup, black bean soup, old cucumber soup and herbal soup.

Last week was my first attempt to cook white radish soup, a simple recipe soup with simple and easy to get ingredients. Bring all the ingredients to a pot of water and cook at least 3 to 4 hours.

Ingredients :

2 white radish
600g spare ribs
3-5 dried oysters
2-3 dried scallops

Peeled white radish, cut it into fairly large chunks.

The leaves, can be cook as well, don't throw it way

The kids like the soup, and so do the adults. But do you know white radish tends to stink up the whole kitchen when it is simmering, smelled like a very bad gas...

The white radish is also good for clearing heat because of its cold nature. As such, is it not recommended to cook this soup for the family if someone is having cough or flu, I think.

And if you are on medication or taking herbal tonics or, you certainly need to avoid to drink this soup as white radish neutralizes the efficacy of your tonics. It would be plain wasted. I heard before that if you happen to eat bird nest soup, remember to avoid taking any white radish on the same day.

My next attempt is going to be peanut lotus root soup. Have to ask my mum how to choose nice lotus root :)

Oh ya, forgot to mention, Yan Yan totally dislike watercress and honey dates soup :( Happen that the other day my sister cook this soup and we let Yan Yan to try it. She said :" Yucksssssss!''

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Heng Heng at 17 months Old

Heng Heng turns 17 months! I have lots of things need to jot down in term of his achievements, developments, mischievous...

Achievements and developments :

Although he is still on his own baby language talking, but he can now understand what we say and what we tell him to do. Can call out many family members like : mummy, Ba Ba, Ma Ma ( mil), Ku Ku ( sil), Yan Yan and Poh Poh ( my mum).

He likes singing! He likes to sing and dance as well. In fact the only way to make him sit still for ( only up to 20 mins ) is letting him to watch the singing vcd. Non of the cartoons he likes and he will never want to sit down to watch cartoons. Hence mummy and Poh Poh are very busy with him everyday :(

Started potty training. But he seems not ready yet, never want to sit on the potty for more than 30 seconds... The moment he sits on the potty, he says to us (Hao Liao) even he doesn't pee or poo. One thing is good that he will inform us when he wants poo poo. He will inform us by telling Ngem Ngem, so cute!

Back to 2 months ago, he wasn't into durians at all. But last week happened that Mil feed him durians and he changed his taste and ate the durians, even asked for more!

Eating habits is the same, 7 oz of enfagrow formula milk for 3 times a day. 2 meals of porridge or eat soup with rice. Eat all kinds of veggies and fruits. :)

He nows nap once in a day but will nap at least 2 hours.

He has many teeths now, I need TIME to count.....

Mischievious :

He is a mischievious boy. Do whatever forbidden actions and tricks. Sometimes he really drives me up to the walls...

Many times telling him not to play with my wardrobe, he will never want to listen... can you see that? He is inside the wardrobe...

Heng Heng : I got to start working now... see you at the top!

Heng Heng : I did it! Mummy, are you happy with my achievement?

Heng Heng : No, no, no, I can do it myself... I can come out from the walker myself, am practicing how to go into the walker myself too.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Happy Father's Day

We had a simple celebration of Father's Day yesterday. We actually pre-celebrate it on the first Sunday of June. Why? My blur blur brother told me that first day of June was Father's Day, haha! Me blur blur told my hubs and he bought a cake back on that day! So blur, haha!

Anywhere, back to yesterday... We had buffet dinner with my in laws and family at Shabu Shabu Restaurant near our place. It was a Japanese style steambot. All the food served was pretty good and fresh... food that I like are fresh veggies, all kinds of fish balls and meat balls and PORK SLICE!! The pork slice is so delicious... I like the soup base too. I chosen the tom yam soup while hubs chose the Japanese Miso soup. The place is clean ( of course, it is new opening) but not so spacious. The restaurant was crowded.

No time for me to take any pictures as I was busy with the food and busy attending my 2 kids.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Bored with Mummy's Camera

I like to take pictures for my 2 angels. Anyhow, I got to chase my 2 angels around with the camera to take pictures. And sometimes Yan Yan does not enjoy it. See, Yan Yan is getting bored with Mummy's camera. :(

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Ezy Roller for The Birthday Boy

My only nephew, James Allen is going to have his 8 years old birthday party in July. He is so excited about that and keep asking me the same question for the past few days. He asked me that what present to buy for him. Kids will be kids, they ask so straight forward questions!

In fact, I have been searching high and low in the internet to find a birthday gift for him. guess what, I got the ezy roller for him, i bet he will like it.Although the Ezy-Roller is $99.99, it is suitable for kids aged 3-14 so won't outgrow it for a long time. Since he only invite 5 of his best friend to the birthday party, so I am suggested to my sister to buy for the boys toddler backpacks as a souvenirs for them. This is because five of the friends will be overnight at my sister's house. The bag is just perfect for them to pack their belongings!

On top of that, James is also begging his mother badly to get personalized children's plates for himself and his friends as well. He wants the Camo themed children's plate. With this camo custom melamine plate, any boy can feel like he's eating in the woods! It makes a perfect gift for all the little hunters and soldiers.

I am now in the midst of thinking what food to prepare and hopefully I can come out with the menu very soon, a kids menu!

Saturday, June 13, 2009

What is Heng Heng Doing

Can you guess what is he doing with his big and round buttock bending upwards?

As Heng Heng grows bigger, I just notice that he likes to sleep on his tummy. I heard some people said that it was not so good to take pictures for some one who is sleeping. But I just can't stop myself capture his super duper cute sleeping position.

Boy, make sure you don't fart while I was taking the pictures for you, wakakakaka!!!!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

I Need to Shop Again

After come back from my Bali trip, I tell myself I have to stop buying things as I am almost broke, shop too much at Bali, shop till I drop, huhuh! But I am wrong, women like me will never stop buying and shopping......

I just found another online store for adorable babies and kids. The Baby Bliss just got launched today, on 8 June. What make me excited is The Baby Bliss is giving away RM300 to celebrate the website launching. All you need to do is subscribe to their mailing list and every lucky 8th person will walk away with a RM10 voucher, it is just that simple! Do not miss out this!

I am in the midst of browsing through their products, so many cute and pretty clothing for girls and for boys too. Moreover they are selling high quality of Naforye products such as teething blankets, bib clips, baby carries, air flow cool mats, and keeper bags.

I like this keeper bag with straps. It is very useful for me because whenever I bring my little boy go out to the streets or malls, I will need to chase him here and there. With this keeper bag, I just need to pull the safety hand strap hidden inside the bag out when we are on the street or in a big crowd to prevent my little boy from playing or running on the street and going missing.

I also wanna get a pair of tights for Yan Yan. It is soooo colorful and I bet she will like to have the pair of polka dots tights, or my greedy girl will ask me to buy all of these designs for her!

Weather in Arizona

We just came back from our Bali trip. We were extremely tired and guess what? We almost got sun burnt as the weather was very hot there. I think the temperature was easily above 90 degrees. We can only wear short pants and tank tops or pretty sunny day dresses. It was just nice to go to the beach!

I think the weather in Arizona is just perfect for me. It is currently about 80 degrees in Arizona. I am in the midst of browsing through some Arizona relocation services. How I wish I could have a dream home in Arizona. Yeah, a luxury condo will do!

Shopping at Bali

Happy time flies, I miss my Bali trip so much, and I am happy that I bought back many stuff for myself and of course for my two angels too...

This 2 pictures was taken on the second night stay at Bali. I already bought so many things on day 2 itself. Yan Yan and I were busy checking out the stuff that we bought.

Ok, I try to post what I have bought, what you see here is almost 90% of what I bought, 10% of the stuff have been given out as souvenirs to family and friends :)

For Yan Yan :

3 sunny day dress, cheap and nice, only rm7.50 each... ( you know, got to bargain to get cheap thing)

Little model in her dress

Roxy top and sandals ( this 3 items only cost rm75 after 40% discount)

Another sandals for Yan Yan, with matching hair clips

For Di Di :
Souvenirs, toys and wood idols :

For myself :

Last minute shopping at the airport, I bought a Coach wallet at the Coach boutique.

This is definitely a great deal, this wallet is only rm300 after 70% discount, asked the sales assistant and was told that this is autumn / winter collection of 2008, no bad huh!

Get paid to be a hacker

I was in the midst of browsing trough some IT Security course for my younger brother yesterday. And I found EC-Council. The International Council of E-Commerce Consultants (EC-Council) is a member-based organization that certifies individuals in various e-business and security skills. It is the owner and developer of the world famous Certified Ethical Hacker course, Computer Hacking Forensics Investigator program, License Penetration Tester program and various other programs offered in over 60 countries around the globe. Have you ever dreamed of how cool it would be to be a real life hacker? My younger brother is so interested in this field; hence I hope EC-Council can help. They will help my brother become a Certified Ethical Hacker by offering classes on:

Security Fundamentals
Ethical Hacking
Penetration Testing
Computer Forensics
Disasters Recovery
Secure Programming

As you know, in a world full of security threats, the need for skilled, knowledgeable information security professionals has never been greater. Your experience in the field is an important component of your value to both your organization and your community. But experience isn't enough anymore. Employers need something quantifiable and verifiable to show them you have the necessary expertise. Certification by a respected accreditation organization is becoming indispensable to the information security professional. Positions in many large corporations and governmental agencies worldwide now require certification, and credentialed practitioners have a higher earning potential, as well as greatly expanded career opportunities.
A lot of you might not familiar with the term of ‘ethical hacker’. Let me tell you more about it. An ethical hacker is a computer and network expert who attacks a security system on behalf of its owners, seeking vulnerabilities that a malicious hacker could exploit. To test a security system, ethical hackers use the same methods as their less principled counterparts, but report problems instead of taking advantage of them An ethical hacker works to give protection of information and property from theft, corruption, or natural disaster, while allowing the information and property to remain accessible and productive to its intended users.