Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Baby Checklist Central

Preparing for a new baby is a mixture of fun, excitement, anticipation and nervousness. I still can remember how elated I am to see my baby girl finally after nine months of carrying my baby inside. During my second trimester of pregnancy, I have started drawn up basic checklists of what I need in welcoming and looking after my baby. There were lots of things to buy or get for my baby’s arrival. With everything sorted ahead of time, I felt in control.

The very first thing I did was designing my baby nursery. Since we already know the sex of our baby in advance, we decided to get a pink princess theme nursery for our precious baby girl. For baby bedding, we made it as an important purchase because newborn babies normally spend most of the time sleeping for the first few months. We chose a durable crib set and a latex foam mattresses wanted our baby sleeps in a warm, safe and comfortable bed.

Apart of that, we also bought nappy changing essentials, bathing essentials, lots of cute clothing and feeding accessories as well.

Once I was entering my third trimester, I tried my best to relax myself at home. I never felt boring at home as I browsed on the internet everyday to find all the practical information I need to know on childbirth, delivery, parenting, breastfeeding tips, baby care and baby health.

I came across many ideal website and there is a baby informative website which I found it very useful. If you are a first-time mother or if you are a mother once more but need a crash refresher course, then is the website for you. Tiny Tot Lot, a baby checklist central, is an informative website for newborn babies. It coaches new mothers about what they need for their newborn babies, do’s and don’ts to follow and all those baby care tasks you will take on in the first day, week, month and in fact year of a baby’s life. This site not only providing a baby checklist, it gives descriptions of everything on the checklist as well as many safety and nursing tips. You may also find lots of useful guides at the baby articles column at Tiny Tot Lot.

If you are preparing for your baby’s arrival and want to learn how to cope with a new born baby, definitely you couldn’t miss this site!


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