Tuesday, March 17, 2009

My Favorite Scents

I love to wear perfumes. I have at least 10 bottles of perfumes with different scents on my dressing table. A good perfume’s scent adds a finishing touch to what I am wearing. A good perfume’s scent also can put me in a happy mood.

I love my Coco Mademoiselle perfume and only wear it when going out with my loved ones. It makes me feel sexier and feminine.

Perfumes with citrus scents are one of my favorite too. Citrus scents have calming and soothing effect. They are just easy to match with casual wear. I love to share my opinion on my favorite perfumes at new perfume blog.

That’s great if I can have the chance to customize unique scents for myself. So cool, custom scented just for me!


Angeline said...

Aaawww... I'm always envious of people who 'can' have perfume on their body, cos' I can't.... I perspire too easily, I used to be known as the 'tap'.... *pout*

huisia said...

wow, you are definitely a perfume fanatic!