Saturday, March 7, 2009

My Babies at 30 months and 13 months

This is a post to update both my babies milestones. Yan Yan is now 30 months old while Heng Heng is 13 months old. I like this two photos, Jie Jie caring for the lilttle brother. Heng Heng seldom get so close with his 'Jie Jie' without being bully( Jie Jie likes to bully Di Di, always hits Di Di without any reason, snatches whatever things from Di Di).

Heng Heng at 13 months old..

Height : 77cm
Weight : 10.9 kg

Teeth : So far only eight, no new teeth coming out for quite sometimes already.

Eating Pattern :

Eat every 3 to 4 hourly. 6-7 oz of EnfaPro formula. Eat porridge almost every day. Sometimes eat rice with soup. He can finish one whole plate of porridge within 10-15 minutes. Good eater as he always ask for ' mam mam' ( food) even he is just finish feeding by milk or porridge. Basically Heng Heng does eat what adults eat.

Still having his midnight feed around 3-4 am.

Achievements :

Heng Heng started his walking journey shortly after his 1 year old birthday. Now he walks independent and steadily with no support. Hardly find him crawling now.

Understand simple instrctions like ' come to mummy' , 'go ooi ooi' ( sleep), 'drink water', ' throw your diaper please' and many more..

Can dance when he listens to music. Both his hands swing and swing following the songs and music.

Able to sit still and play on the swing. We will swing him from the back need no to give him any support.

Introduced to drink with a straw and success to suck and drink.

Introduced to poo in the adults toilet bowl with baby potty seat on it.

Speech developement :

Only knows babbling most of the time.

Can only say out 2-3 words like ' mam mam' ( food), ' di ' ( Di Di ).
I read somewhere saying that learning to walk often slows down languange developement for a while. So I think he will not learn to talk so soon.

Started to call me ' Ma Ma' this few days.

Developed some bad habits..

Ah ha! You guess what is the bad habit?

Check it out..

Ta Da..

Tik Tak, Tik Tak, on and off, on and off, hu hu, I like to play this......

Mummy always scolds me and stops me from playing this. It is dangerous, I know.

He also likes to go to the kitchen to search for 'mam mam' . Always want to get the refrigerator open by pulling hard to open the door. He is still not strong enough to open the refrigerator.

Yan Yan at 30 months old..
There is not much to update, just a bit more achievements in terms of speech development and eating pattern.

Eating pattern:

Yan Yan takes more solids food than previous. She used to reject eating porridge all this while but lately she eats small portion of porridge. Yan Yan is still a picky eater, only eats food that she likes. She has 1 to 3 small meals a day. The portions are about 1/3 of an adults serving size. If she eats too little, I will worry she is not enough full and will give her another 3 to 4 oz of milk.

Her appetite will increase only when she sees her milk and always ask us to prepare a full bottle of milk for her. She will cry and yell if we only give her half bottles of milk.

Speech developement:

She starts to use short sentence in her conversation, like ' I want to watch TV' , 'I want to drink milk milk', ' mummy, don't angry ok' , 'where is my chut chut (pacifier)' and others.

She can sing a couple of songs and most the songs are nursery rhymes.
Can recite A to Z and 1-12 but still can not recognise them. Only can recognise A, B, C, D and O. I have started taught her to learn to recognise alphabets since last week. She keeps saying that she knows everything and refuse to learn from me.


Bowel movements : Normally pass her bowel everyday but the poo poo is hard and dry most of the time. I have introduce prune juice to her this morning and hope it works on her.

Weaning off her pacifier : It seems like she is not ready to wean off her pacifier. She is still sucking fierce on her pacifier, when she sleeps, watches TV. She will cry, yell and gets so cranky when I take away her pacifier. I have give up weaning off her pacifier.


Esmeralda said...

Such loving bro & sis..

Haha.. Heng Heng likes to play switches and open the refrigerator? Same goes to Ashton... He also like to play with both of this.. *big sigh* He loves putting his hand inside the freezer (since my freezer is at the bottom)...

MommyAngel said...

In the pic both of them seems to be same size hor …. Hehehe

Oh …. Yan Yan is a picky eaters ah? So what’s her favourite food? My girl has become a picky eater as well but she loves her milk just like Yan Yan.

the little prince said...

I like the 1st two picture so lovely!!

my boy like to play not only the fridge switch but all type of switch!! 'sigh'...he can open the freezer cos is at the bottom, now we gotto use the fridge protector gadget to 'lock' the freezer!! :-0

Mommy to Chumsy said...

it's good that heng heng loves food :) wish yan yan is like him eh? ashley is also picky :(

2ma said...

happy 30th mths yan yan!
happy 13th mths heng heng!

Kristie said...

mummy moon, u are doing very well already, hang in there for weaning off the pacifier ya...

heng heng is so adorable :)

yan yan is pretty!

Uncle Lee said...

You really have great loking kids.
Okay, about time have another the younger one can bully a smaller one, ha ha.
Having kids better than having a TV.

Youhave fun and keep well, Lee.

agnes said...

yea.. very nice pic of both them!!!

happy 30th & 13th months respectively!!!

vickylow said...

Oh di di is a good eater compared to jie jie. I really like to see those kids have good appetite and can eat so well. BTW love the photo too, them look so lovely haha.

Anney said...

Such cute and precious babies!Oh the look in Heng Heng's eyes when playing tik tak on and off.. it's like telling you.. " you can't stop me mommy" hehehe!

Mummy Gwen said...

Both are growing so well, thanks to mummy's tender loving care. :) Hope what you wanted to achieve will succeed.

Fussy mum said...

Both Yan Yan & Heng Heng are progressing very well. Keep up the good work, Mummy :)

Btw, I've a tag for u. Check this out -

huisia said...

don't worry, sibling always has love-hate relationship, now she bullies him next time she is sure the one who helps you to take care her brother.

J@n!ce said...

my younger boy also likes to play with the switch. So dangerous lo ;p

Anggie's Journal said...

beautiful child u have here..:)happy 30th & 13th months to both bro & sis.

My boy also like to play with the plug until daddy have to bit his lil hand ....

slavemom said...

It's really nice to hv a good eater at home. Good boy, Heng Heng!
And Yan Yan's vy good with words -"mummy, don't angry ok". How can mummy stay mad that way, rite? So smart! :D

Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

Maybe it takes some time to wean off the pacifier from Yan Yan. Take it slow...

So normally she likes to drink milk than solid food? Sarah is totally opp with her.

I can see that you are using something to cover the switch so that Heng Heng is not able to play with it. Was it a paper?

Yes I think is now the time that Heng Heng likes to open the fridge. Last time Sarah also likes it.