Monday, March 2, 2009

Earn Money Writing Blog Post

I started to blog about my two kids a few months ago. This is the place where I record all their achievements and growing milestones as well.

Apart of jot down my parenting experience, wouldn’t it be nice if I can get paid for my blogging efforts. Sounds amazing? I just sign up and registered my blog at Snapbomb, hence my blog has the ability to earn money. Marketplace from Snapbomb has ton of great opportunities offered to bloggers. It works simple and easy. All I need to do is find the opportunities that are good targeted match for my interests or my blog . The next step is writing a blog post about the opportunities. Finally I will get paid via PayPal for my hard work.

On top of that, Snapbomb will rate and value your blog and you will be paid accordingly on how much is the blog worth. A good quality blog will get to pay higher.



Is this a paid post?

Serene said...

Oh.. thanks for sharing!

2ma said...

i wish i hv the time to do that... least not for now *sigh*