Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Get Paid for blogging

I love to read and visit others blog. Blog hoping has become one of my hobby. Finally I create a blog for myself on October 2008. I set up this blog to write about my experience and life as a mummy for my two angels, Ving Yan and Ving Heng. Because raising and take care two babies is not easy, further more they have such a lot achievements and growing milestone need to be record down. So this is the best place where I can write and record all their achievements, happy moments and growing milestones. I even can share my parenthood, thoughts, photos and many more on this online internet diary with my family and friends. I enjoy my blogging life very much.

Blogging has become an amazing part to me where I have made new friends with my readers, and some of them are mummies blogger too. We get the opportunity to exchange ideas and chat on raising children experience. Sometimes we even organize gathering and trips to meet each others. It is wonderful to see our children have fun and play around together. This is how we can expand our social life!

Lately, I found out something new, blogging has the ability to earn money, which means I can get paid to post! This is unbelievable! After I get to know more on blog advertising, I have register my blog to Paying Post. This web site give bloggers the connection with the advertisers, who need an online advertising on their products or services. I get my approval within a week and now I can start myself write post on reviews and get paid. So sign up today and grab this opportunity to explore yourself to the world of blog advertising! Simply earn yourself some pocket money like what I am doing by writing paid reviews on your blog.

This is what more than just blogging!

Making Longan Jelly, My Last Post for Year 2008,

Last night we made some Longan jelly. I was leading my nephew and niece and Yan Yan to make the jelly. I brought them to buy the ingredients : 1 pack of Pearl Mermaid brand Agar- Agar powder, three cans Longan in syrup, and one can of evaporated milk and some colorful cups.

Then we went back home and started for the making journey...... It is actually very simple to make this jelly and this was not my first time doing it, but is my first time doing it with four little helpers. Or I should say three little helpers and one little rascal ( Yan Yan ). How can she help me at her little age.

Yan Yan kept herself near the dining table where her cousins were busy putting the Longan in the cups. She didn't disturb that much, only likes to touch and play with the cups. Her cousins were busy shouting at her as they think Yan Yan's hands were not clean and can not touch the cups.
My three little helpers. They helped me to wash the cups, arrange the cups on the table, stir the mixture and put the Longan into the cups.

The jelly is nice and taste good, texture is something like pudding and Tao Fu Fa.

Very simple steps...

1. Add 4500ml water and the Longan syrup in the big pot and boil it.
2. While waiting for its boiling, get the cups washed and put some Longan into every cups.
3. Once the mixture is boiled, add in the packet of Agar- Agar powder and stir it until all the powder has dissolve. add in sugar accordingly.
4. Last, pour the evaporated milk in the mixture and off the fire.
5. Pour the mixture into the cups.
6.We also add some leftover of the Longan on top of the jelly.

We shall bring all these jelly to my grandma's house tonight to celebrate New Year eve. We will have a great party there to welcome the year of 2009!!!

Breakfast in Bento Box on Christmas Day...

Back dated post... I had made this breakfast on 25th December. One is for Yan Yan and another is for Yan Yan's cousin sister, Melissa...

What they have are actually some white bread and raisin bread, with cutie shape. I used cutter to make the shape and made colour contrast on the bread...

Also used cutter to cut out the cheese in Pooh shape, and for the ham I had cut it out in heart shape...

Add in some honey star and coco crunch, broccoli, tomato and grape, and came out these, breakfast in bento box for the kids......

Yan Yan was so happy seeing mummy prepared this breakfast for her... and she sat beside the cousin sister and had her breakfast.... But she seems like not so fancy on the food... She kept playing with the food picks... She only finished the cereal and ham and a little bread ... She left behind the grapes, cheese, and tomato. She did tried them out, but didn't swallow, she spit them out on the table....

For her cousin sister, she finished everything......

Monday, December 29, 2008

Our Sunday...

Yesterday (Sunday) was another happy day for me... We went shopping again. After sending Di Di to my mother in law, we went to One Utama( because so far in the month of December we didn't get the chance to come here and wish to see the Christmas deco, but disappointed, nothing special on its deco).We had our lunch at Sushi King which we had it a little late... This round was my turn to shop for my Chinese New Year clothing... Hubby was so nice and had done a good job to look after Yan Yan while we were shopping at the mall. We went to Parkson and United Colors of Benetton was having sale from 50% to 70%. I bought one white top and one dress.

Then we went to Sunway Pyramid... Yan Yan took a short nap in the car. Reached there already 7pm. Hubby continue to look after Yan Yan so that I can concentrate to shop......

According to him, Yan Yan had spent his money a lot on those machine ride and the little animals ride...

These are what I bought :

From Parkson : Benetton top for my son, very cheap, RM 24.90 ( after less 50% ), I actually had bought one same top but in white colour last few week, which less 30% , meaning now they are having futher make down...

Also from Parkson : These are for Yan Yan...United Colors of Benetton Dress, RM 69.90 ( after less 50%) and Poney dress RM 60++ ( after less 30% )

I bought a pair of skinny jeans for myself from Top Shop RM149.90.

All these are from United Colors of Benetton, all items are 50% off, and price after discount are:-
(Parkson at 1 Utama) : white top RM 44++, dress RM90 ++
(Parkson at Sunway Pyramid) : purple top, RM44++, pants RM120++

See how they are doing in the modeling...

Yan Yan was quite happy on that day, because can have so many Kuk Kuk rides

I like Yan Yan wearing this dress, nice and cute...
So today I am busy checking what else need to buy for my self and the two angels for Chinese New Year... I think I have got enough new clothes for Chine New Year, and so do the 2 angels... Lets see what I have bought for them previously....

For Yan Yan, all these bought from Elle Pou Pon, Isetan KLCC, 1) about RM50, 2) about RM70, 3) RM28++ ( bought during sale time)

1) Hallmark romper , Carters romper RM40 ( bought online)

All for Heng Heng.. Now only I realize that I have bought too much for him...Since he has so much new cloth, I think I will pick 1 set for him to wear on his Big Day next month. The tops are mainly from Poney and Miki, only the yellow top with football is from Osh Kosh and the white one is from Benetton,( same as what I bought yesterday) . For pants, I only bought 4 pairs....

So today I am busy doing the matching for Heng Heng's clothing....

Carters top and samfu for Heng Heng, pink dress, samfu and Carters set for Yan Yan.
These are what they get from Gu Gu and Ah Ma during their overseas trip... All are new, also will be wear on Chinese New Year......

Seeing so many new clothes... I am so happy and can't wait to see my 2 angels to wear.....
I also need to think of which to be wear on first day of CNY, second day and third day.......

Before they can wear the clothes, I have a big duty to do.... hand wash all of these!!!!!!!!

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Yan Yan at 2 years 4 months

Whenever I bring Yan Yan going out for family or friends gathering, there will be some one ask me this question : How old is your girl?
To answer their simple question, I still need to count with my fingers... ( She was born in August, so I will count this way : September, October, November, December = 4 months ) Because I only know in my mind, she is 2 year ++, don't know the ++ is how many months......

I better update her milestones every months in order to keep myself up to date how old is my daughter......

Character and behavior :
1. Talkative
She likes to talk and ask questions, especially in the car. She talks and chats anything to anyone, even with people that she meet for the first time. She gains lots of compliments from our friends and family, saying that she is good at speaking.

2. Friendly
She is a friendly girl. She is not shy to strangers. She likes to waive good bye and say Hi to others. She is easy to be approached now.

3. Timid
She is very afraid of fogging held in our condo, she scares of the loud fogging sounds. She also very afraid of the loud sounds made out by the vacuum and fire works.
She dare not to cross the roads. Whenever we need to cross a road to reach our car in the parking at the malls or in our condo area, for sure she will ask me to carry her. She refuse me to holds her hands to cross the road even there is no cars passing by the road. She says this to me :" got many cars ah!!!'' ( even no cars at all she will keep saying this)

Eating Habits :
She eats a little vegetables now. But she eats only broccoli, cauliflower ( I introduce these as flowers to her, so glad that she likes it). She likes to eat lotus roots too.

Speech development :
She can speaks lot of short sentences now. And new words that she learn for the month are :
- Ho, Ho, Ho, Merry Christmas
- Happy New Year
- Presents
- Daisy, Donald Duck
- A for apple, B for boy, C for cat... Only know up to alphabet C
- KLCC ( The only shopping mall that she recognize )

She improves a lot in her speech and pronunciation. Example she no longer says these : A toon ( cartoon), umbreaaa ( umbrella ), ki ki kao ( mickey mouse ). She can pronounce these words very accurate.

She still likes to sing. She likes to mimic the little singer when she watch those singing DVDs. Sometimes I will sing for her upon her request. But this few days when I am singing to her, she will suddenly stop me for continue to sing and says this to me :" no, I sing, I sing!"

Others :
Whenever I scold her or show her my 'rotan', she sure will cry and keep saying this word , ' Guai ', ' Guai' ( means obedient), then follow by come near to me and want me to hug her!!! Oh, dear, this is how she melts my heart...... This is how she stops my anger......


Friday, December 26, 2008

The luxury Xmas dinner at Elcerdo @ Changkat Bukit Bintang, KL

Last night we brought Yan Yan for a luxury dinner with hubby's couple friends. No turkey for the dinner but pig!!!!!!!! We had the dinner at Elcerdo, Changkat Bukit Bintang, KL, a Spanish restaurant specialize in pork dishes...

Elcerdo Restaurant, nose to tail eating ...

Yan Yan is a pork lover, so no regret for bringing her for this dinner......We ordered a few starter and main dishes. First we get the complimentary tomato soup ( no photo taken), then served the mixed appetizer and homemade sausages... The restaurant was indeed very full house, as we need to wait very long to have our main dishes. Maybe is just like what the waitress said, good things must need time to prepare...

I think at 9pm, finally we got our main dishes... the oven roasted Iberico spare ribs, served with pineapple salsa ( RM68 for one portion), we had two portions of it ( one portion can only served 3-4 person) as they are a total 9 adults of us. I like this dish, very nice, until all of us surrendered our cutlery, eat with the fingers!!!Yan Yan like it too. Another main dish is the Paella, a dish of fried rice with seafood, chicken, Chorizo sausage and pork. We had two portion too, RM88 each, I think this is the most expensive fried rice I ever had. The taste, emmm, something like tomato fried rice, I am not so love it, and didn't let Yan Yan tried it... I bet she would not like the taste too...

The last main dish is the roasted suckling piglet, RM219 for the whole piglet. Before we can tried the piglet, we had the special piglet cutting ceremony. The waiter demonstrated the matter to us, by using the plate to cut the crispy piglet... Wohhh, it was fun, yeah, cut the piglet with just a plate!! Not only this, the waiter then instructed us to make a wish and followed by breaking the plates by throwing it into a wood bucket.

Breaking the plates ! (This lady in pink is not me!!!!)

Our dessert, Werner's special, fresh strawberry in mango sauce with chocolate and wild raspberry sherbet (left), white chocolate ice cream ( right ). Everyone enjoyed so much on this luxury dinner. Total bill was RM1200++ !!!

My tummy was full until I can't sleep .......

A Happy Gathering on Christmas Eve

A week ago, I sms Judy to invite her and her son, Terry to go for lunch and asked her to have exchange presents for our kids on Christmas eve. She replied me "yes" and here came out the gathering and the happy moments......

After picking up Judy and Terry, we went to Mid Valley...

First, we brought the kids to have photo session with Santa Claus. Then We had lunch at Esquire Kitchen. Two mummies busy chatting and eating, while the two kids, Yan Yan and Terry busy playing with their little gifts from the Santa Claus... They also played with the forks and spoons...
My Yan Yan is a little overplay, until she took all the things ( the little gift and the fork and spoon) from Terry and refused to give him back... End up poor little Terry cried for help... Yan Yan, the little bully, at home bullies Di Di, and now bullies Kou Kou ( Terry ), made me so pai seh...

After lunch, we exchange presents ......

Yan Yan and Terry (at Boulevard Hotel's lobby)

You give me yours one, and I give you mine...

Why looked unhappy??? Maybe is being scolded by mummies for not behave well while taking photo??
Me and the kids..

Yan Yan unwrapped the gift from Terry... and Terry too had open the gift from us... We shop a while before went home... On the way home, Yan Yan keep asking me where is aunty and Kou Kou......

It was indeed a happy gathering and we can meet up more often...

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Fun Time with Santa

We meet the Santa Claus again!!! This year is the third year Yan Yan meets up with the Santa Claus and have photo with Santa Claus too at Mid Valley. And this year is the first time for Heng Heng. This year we even take the photo twice, the first photo is taken 2 weeks ago together with hubby's family, and today we take another photo while me and Yan Yan have lunch and exchange presents with Judy .

Yan Yan is excited when taking photo and she likes the Santa Claus! She calls the Santa Claus " Ho, Ho, Ho "! She also does not refuse for being carry by the Santa Claus.

We need to pay Rm10 for each photo, and we will get a present from Santa Claus, it is worth as long as my angels is happy....... Hopefully next year we can have this chance to meet the Santa Claus

These are the photo taken at 2006, 2007 and this year 2008!

My Angels with the Santa Claus...

These 2 photo taken by my own camera...

Monday, December 22, 2008

Another 1 month to go

Heng Heng is 11 months 2 days today. Time flies that fast... My boy is going to turn 1 year old in next month. No new milestones for this post. He is coughing this few days, I just wish he will recover speedily..........

I Love You Baby!!!!

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Package from eoe

Remember my earlier post on online printing at eoe ... I have do a review on eoe Online! And this is what I have received from eoe, 50 4R photo prints for free!! Yes, I didn't pay a single cents, it is totally free!!!!! Its only take a few days time and the package has arrived in my hands!! All the photo are just neatly kept in the eoe album!

Not only me, Yan Yan too is excited to see her photo! The photo printing is very nice, as eoe is using good quality Kodak paper... I definitely will print my other pending pictures at eoe!

What I like eoe most is their excellent service, fast delivering, easy upload steps and the cheapest printing fees they offer! Only Rm0.30 for a 4R print and for 5R print is RM0.50!!!

For bloggers that also hope to get your 50 4R prints for free, simply visit here and join the eoe Online Blogger's Review 2. Not only this, eoe will giving out a grand prize of Olympus E-520 kit with a 14-42mm lens worth RM2499.00 for the best written review!

For those who still have a lot of pending pictures in hand, why not give yourself a try at eoe , upload your pictures and print your pictures online!!!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

An Early Christmas Dinner

Yesterday (16 December 2008)we had an early Christmas dinner with my family members! We didn't bring along Heng Heng for this dinner. We had Buffet dinner at Lemon Garden Cafe, Shangri-La Hotel.

The food are variety from Italian, Chinese, Malay, Indian, Japanese kitchen...Actually this is not the first time we had buffet dinner here... This night we had the same food as what we had for the past few times ... so no surprise I didn't eat much! But I would say they serve very nice desserts... Anywhere this buffet dinner is still the ideal occasions for family to get together! Further more we get 50% off for the bill with Standard Chartered Credit Card. This promotion only valid for 2 days, which is on 15 Dec and 16 Dec!

Yan Yan enjoys eating! She ate a lot on that night!

Exchange presents

One of the present for Yan Yan, "Butterfly"

Yan Yan with her cousins and Yi Yi ( photo taken at lobby lounge)

The Fun Google Tag

I received this tag from Nicole and Judy. Very interesting.

"The rules are simple. Use Google Image to search the answers to the questions below. Then you must choose a picture in the first page of the results, and post it as your answer. After that tagged 7 people."

1. The age of my next birthday

2. A place I'd like to travel to

3. A favourite place

4. A favourite thing

5. A favourite food

6. A favourite colour

7. The city I live in

8. The city I was born in

9. A nickname I had

10. College Major

11. Name of first (and only) lover

12. A bad habit

13. A hobby

14. Current wish list (max. 3 items)

I am not going to tag anyone, because almost all the friends I know have done this tag!